Goddess Platinum

I am the newest "Mean Girl"- and OMG this is SOOO much fun!  Who knew you could literally OWN other people nowadays, treat them like DIRT- and get paid for it!  LOL. 

And I plan on owning as many slaves as possible!!  (Contact me if you want to be OWNED!) :)  Especially if you live in Michigan. ;)

To be honest, I have had losers hitting on me my whole life just because I am so fuckin hot, but I never really took advantage of it before.  But now I know that I really SHOULD be taking advantage of these idiots!  Use them, walk all over them, and discard them- I am learning that is what they are for, really.  Like God created idiots like you for hot women like ME to use!  It is what I deserve, and I am going to take full advantage of it from now on! 

As for my favorite fetish, I would say its foot worship.  Just because I have always known that I have perfect little size 6 feet.  (Like I have literally had grown men come up to me out in public and comment on how perfect my feet are- and I made them bow down and kiss them in front of everyone!  Haha.)  And there is just something about making someone literally bow down and kiss my feet.  Its like I can feel the power of them aknowledging my superiority by bowing down and kissing the feet of its Superior.

I will do customs and personal sessions for members of this site that PAY ME for it!!  And you can start by getting in my good graces by spoiling me off my WISHLIST: HERE!