Goddess Platinum

From being the Newest Mean Girl when I started, to taking over the entire operation after I'd been here for a bit, I'm the CEO bad-ass Girl Boss of American Mean Girls.. So if you have questions about who's running the show, or how things work here at the Mean Girl Manor, I am the HBIC (Look it up if you don't know loser). 

That said, I'm not going to sit here and reiterate My entire life biography to you things.   I've had every sort of male from little boys and losers, to CEOs and Alpha Males hitting on Me since I can remember.  Typically, I ignore most of the fools and just go about My day, but for a select few, things become very different.   Some of you losers might eventually get to serve Me, and of those who do, 90% will bitch out before lasting 30 minutes in My presence.. for the few who make it beyond, maybe I'll grant the wish of a lifetime and let you become a permanent live in slave to be used by Myself andf any other Mean Girl at the Manor....  Wouldn't you be thrilled loser... 

You suckers are all so easy to use and utterly disposable...  I love how easy it is to screw with the mind of beta bitches and how quickly that brings all of them to My feet....  And speaking of perfect feet, foot worship is definitely one of My favorite fetishes.  It's so perfect to watch you little losers kneel down out in a mall or somewhere else publically and laugh in your face as I watch you beg to lick the dirt from My shoes or hand over the entire contents of your wallet while begging me to just let you see My toes....   HAHAHAHA,,,,   (Like I have literally had grown men come up to me out in public and comment on how perfect my feet are- and I made them bow down and kiss them in front of everyone!.) 

You are all so insanely pathetic and I love making sure I can point that fact out to as many people who are there watching.   Try again loser boy, and come lick the sh*tt off My soles while I laugh in your face and tell you you don't measure up...

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