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Slave Application


So you "want to be our slave" sooo bad, huh? Let us just take a wild guess...you will "do ANYTHING" to come serve Us, right??
Uh huh. We have heard it all before, loser.

Look, this is very simple. We need to know that you are over 18, that you are SAFE for Us to be around, that you will SHOW UP when you are told to, and that you will be 100% obedient and useful to Us in Our videos while you are here!

So if you REALLY are so serious about this, all you have to do is completely fill out the form below*:

*(If you do not see a form below, that is probably because you are not a current, paid member of American Mean Girls!  Being allowed to serve Us is an HONOR- and it is only available to paid members of Our site!  If joining Our site is "too much" for you, then you are obviously not very serious about serving Us.  And that is just one more way we can weed out the time-wasters from those that are serious about serving us and suffering for Us!!  So go JOIN Our site NOW and then come back to this page and you can apply to serve Us!)