Do you guys offer "SESSIONS"?

We get asked all the time "Do you girls do sessions?"

First of all, if you want to be taken seriously about this- JOIN OUR FUCKING SITE!!!!

Honestly, do you REALLY think that any of us will take you seriously about paying us for a "session" if you won't pay like 20 bucks to join Our site???  THINK about it, loser.  If you can't be "bothered" to put in the effort (and the $19) to join Our site, there is no way you are putting in the effort of traveling here and paying us what we will demand - and deserve - for allowing you in Our presence.  

So PROVE YOU ARE SERIOUS by joining first.  Otherwise, your messages will be ignored.

But yes, we do sessions- IF you are a member of Our site, follow Our instructions to the letter, travel here, and pay us enough.  We are not discussing it any further than that (like talking about specific costs an stuff) because that all just depends on what your fetishes are, whether you will allow it to be filmed, who its with, etc.

But we will tell you what we will NOT do-  We will NOT communicate back & forth with some loser that refuses to join Our site, playing 20 questions with you about your "fantasies" while you jerk off to it for free- and then in the end, you finally admit that you think we will come to your house in Timbuktu and do whatever you want for like $50.  Not gonna happen, loser.  Seriously, fucking go away and rot in your mommy's basement.  Or try Craigslist or something.  Good luck.