What Happened to Princess/Goddess So-n-So?

"What happened to Princess/Goddess XYZ from 9 years ago?  I am just now getting around to finally maybe, kinda, possibly wanting to follow through with serving her or paying for a custom clip with her in it.."

Guess what, loser?  We all have LIVES.  (Unlike YOU.)  We are hot girls and guys beg for our attention everywhere we go.  Real men beg to go out with us, fuck us, give us their money- you name it.  Not to mention the REAL SLAVES we collect, who have MONEY and actually DO WHAT WE TELL THEM TO.  So basically we all collect hot boyfriends/husbands, rich slaves...you name it.

So while you are fucking around like a total wimp and "thinking about" serving us, we are dating hot guys, getting in relationships, collecting rich slaves that are actually WORTHY of serving us and do WHAT WE SAY- and move on with Our incredible lives, so some of us dont need to make videos so much anymore and are behind the scenes now, directing clips an stuff like that.

HERE ARE SOME QUESTIONS FOR YOU:  What did YOU do to "keep Princess/Goddess XYZ" making new videos for you to jerk off to?  Are you a CURRENT, PAYING MEMBER of Our site???  Did you ever send her a tribute?  Did you buy anything off her wishlist?  Did you ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTE TO HER LIFE to convince her that she should keep making videos for you?  Or do you just selfishly sit on your ass and expect her to keep doing whatever YOU wanted (making clips) so that YOU can silently jerk off to them forever?   Did you think that sending some stupid free email with no tribute will "convince" her to talk to you?  Good luck with that...

And did you BUY all her clips or just watch them for free on some tube site somewhere?  Some of us have gotten so fed up with seeing our videos pirated and posted other places that they decided to stop making new content altogether.  After all, why make videos if idiots are just going to STEAL it and put it up for free somewhere? 

And to be honest, Our personal lives are really none of your business anyway.  But you idiots keep asking.

So our advice is that when you see a Mean Girl in a new video that you want to serve - who hasn't collected a bunch of dedicated, WELL-PAYING slaves already - you better get off your ass and send a TRIBUTE IMMEDIATELY.  Then schedule your trip here to serve her ASAP.  If you wait 5 years to do it, then it is your own damn fault.  And QUIT FREELOADING and REALLY SERVE!!!