Mean Girls

Goddess Randi
I am the main GODDESS around here & I run shit around here.  I have several slaves wor
Queen Kasey
I am Goddess Randi's Mom and have fun helping her abuse her slaves and keep them in line!
Princess Sierra
Aunt Kasey invited me to come over to abuse slaves one day and I couldn't believe it.  It
Miss Veronica
Me n Princess Tiff are besties in real life and we LOVE abusing slaves!! We think it is HI
Princess Tiffani
Hey this is Princess Tiffani.  And Me and Miss Veronica want slaves of our own!  And my fa
Miss Mischa
My favorite "fetish" is facesitting.  Using a slave's face to sit on.  And knowing that th
Princess Jeanie
My FAVORITE part of being a Mean Girl is just simply being allowed to beat the F*CK out of
Empress Jennifer
My FAV thing to do to slaves is by far kicking em in the nuts.  Followed closely by standi
Princess Bridgette
I don't do clips anymore because I got an awesome RICH slave that does whatever the fuck I
Goddess NO
I haven't done clips for a long time just cuz I got a couple good slaves that basically pa
Princess Mya
I basically just like abusing guys.  In whatever way possible.  Men just piss me off.  So
Goddess Ivy
Hey I'm Princess Jennifer's older half-sister.  And I am probably the only one that's mean
Ok, a little about ME.  (My fav subject!) :)  I LOVE abusing slaves, OBVIOUSLY.  Most impo
Goddess Raven
There is nothing more enjoyable to me than taking out all my frustrations out on a worthle
Goddess Suvana
I am by far the HOTTEST girl any of you losers could EVER worship!  And I DO deserve to be
Princess Cindi
I know I'm hot and I DESERVE to be spoiled for it!  Guys have always bent over backwards f
Goddess Rodea
I'm totally into financial domination.  Absolutely LOVE it.  It actually turns me ON.  LOL
Princess Bella
My fav fetish probably footworship.  I love the feeling of a slave's tongue between my toe
Princess Carmela
Hey losers.  I'm still pretty new to all this but I kinda feel like I was born for it LOL.
Princess Beverly
When my sister (Goddess Rodea) finally told me about this sh*t (and how she was making so
Goddess Harley
Slaves that want to be full degraded often seek me out. I deliver the full package of sadi
Princess Chanel
I'm a blonde Goddess- and I KNOW it!  I plan on totally using my "hotness" to build a nice
Goddess Nina
Hey slaves, this German Goddess is here to enslave foot lickers and leg humpers, LOL! Let
Goddess Nikkole
I'm Goddess Nikkole, Search for my videos!
Princess Kendall
I am Princess Kendall and I make fun of shoe kissing losers that buy me stuff, LOL.
Ash Hollywood
I love my visits to the Mean Girl Manor! Slaves are so much fun to beat on!
Goddess Jass
When I came to MGM Mean Girl Manor, I found it was so funny when a slave gets kicked in hi
Princess Ashley
I'm the Tall blonde next door, haha... oh yea and I have a true sadistic streak. I would r
Princess Adriana
Hey slave... wanna get trampled by me? I have a hard time deciding between trampling a sla
Superior Goddess Brooke
I love to be worshipped and treated like the Superior Goddess that I am. My slaves are all