Slave Videos

Caning Chore Chart- Episode 2: Nina

It not uncommon for a house full of people to have a chore chart, many hands make work light as the saying goes. But The Mean Girls have slaves for all that, the day-to-day chores that need to be done are for slaves.In the Mean Girl Manor the only chore left for the girls to do is BEAT THE SLAVES! Nina unhappy with her name at the bottom of the list decides to cut in line and takes Princess Carmela's spot. She makes it up to Carmela by giving the slave the most brutal caning session of his life leaving him bruised and battered like never before. Both are so hot in their latex dresses,the slave is willing to take a more sadistic beating then he ever thought possible.Goddess Nina thought it would be fun to mark up the slaves back by writing NINA on his back with cane strokes. They both have a good laugh seeing the slave in misery as each letter takes its form: N-I-N-A. A name the slave is not soon to forget I'm sure.

Humiliated Foot-Wipe

This was just some "extra" footage of me rewarding a slave after we used it for some of our clips. I decided to let it grovel at my feet and lick the foot-sweat off the bottoms of my feet. Isn't that nice of me?? After it took a nice beating for us, I felt like it should be rewarded...and what better reward is there for a SLAVE than the sweat from the feet of a beautiful princess like me??

I think it is sooo fucking pathetic though that losers will literally work for me- just to lick the sweat off of my FEET. Haha.

This is a short clip cuz like I said, it was just like some "bonus" footage that we didn't plan on even filming. But what the hell, I figured you should see some "behind the scenes" of what its like to be a GOOD slave for us at Mean Girl Manor...

Princess Bella

Karate Princess 2

So I have this slave worshipper that has been requesting these karate clips- and I actually SHOOT them for him because he pays what I demand of him! (Take a note, all you slaves that say do this! just cuz i wanna see it! and then I ignore your request LOL.) Anyway, I print out all these karate pictures he sent to me and talk about how I would do them to you. And how much I would LOVE to hurt you like the picture shows. (And I really WOULD btw lol.)

Then for each one I also call in the house slave to demo the moves on him in like slo-mo. (Hey, this was the custom viewers request!) So just FYI to all of you- these moves are all done in like slo-mo like when you were play fighting with your brother when you were a kid. Or as if it were a real self-defense video. So its not like a full-force beatdown or anything. Just warning you!

But I DO talk about the beatdown in this clip- a lot. And about how much fun it would be for me to kick your ass LOL. There is even a special one that is brutally graphic that I talk about- but its not shown in the preview pictures. And just for the record, if any of you want to come here and pay me a lot of $$$ to kick your ass for real, I will be happy to! LOL

*(Not all the pics are shown in the preview image! There were like 7 or 8 of these different "attack moves" that I demonstrated.)

-Princess Beverly

Mean Feet

Goddess Nina and I are tough on our slaves even when they worship our feet. We waste no time in getting this worthless bitch to lick and kiss our sexy black patent leather thigh-high boots with a sharp stiletto heel.The poor loser slave bitch has double duty today as four feet are forced down his mouth and he has to take as much as they MAKE him take. Princess Bella is behind the camera giving direction to make us even meaner just in case we forget something. We take off the boots to reveal our bare feet and force the foot bitch to take it even further down his mouth than before.The best part is he is such a loser we all just verbally humiliate him to the point where any self-esteem is all gone. That is if he had any. He is nothing more than a pathetic foot bitch and we all know it, HAHA

Princess Carmela

Full Weight Ball Crushing

Our dumb slave is waiting back there with his balls literally tied to a cinder block for us to abuse. Take a look at these high heels that are going to be crushing them, haha! The closest thing to a "hug" that a slave gets around here at Mean Girl Manor is the full weight of our shoes applying excruciating pressure to his cock and balls as we walk all over them- literally. Oh, and dont worry about the red stuff that you see in this video, haha! Its all part of the ball abuse fun for me and Princess Carmela.

We have sooo much fun that Carmela changes shoes to get rid of the platform heels she had on in the beginning of the clip. She figured that the thinner the sole of her shoe, the more "intimate" the crush because the poor slave is sooo close to getting her bare foot on its cock and balls. It just makes the torture that much more fun for her. She even says in the clip that she can almost feel the grit of the stone scraping the skin of his nut sack as she twists her foot back and forth as she walks on those nuts! And for those of you that know Princess Carmela, you KNOW that she could not care LESS about the suffering of a slave! She will literally walk full-weight right over a stupid slave's ballsac in her stiletto without even giving it a second thought!

Goddess Nikkole

Groveling At The Queens Feet

Well it appears to be an adequate slave thus far. Based on his performance online; it bought clips, sent gift cards and joined the member site. Now it has progressed to the next step to MEETING A MEAN GIRL IN PERSON. Im going to evaluate it to see if it is even worth real time slave training. I first allow him to worship my perfect shoes and feet. I force him to kiss and lick my feet judging his every movement and verbal response to see if there is any potential for it. If he can worship my feet correctly maybe I will deem it worthy to move to my next assignment.

Queen Kasey

Beaten For Fun And Profit

I open this clip by talklng directly into camera and explaining the strange circumstances of this beating. This is a paid a custom clip, and the person who ordered this custom video paid me a lot of $ up front to do it, obviously. But the kicker is that the fan that ordered this custom promised to pay me a bonus of even MORE $$$ after he sees the clip based on how badly I beat my slave in the video! So basically the worse I beat some worthless, piece of sh**, insignificant slave- the biggger MY bonus $$$ will be! I love this concept! It's like stepping on a bugg and the more you squish and grind it into the pavement under your shoe, the more you get PAID for it! I mean, who cares about the BUG?? All I am doing is counting the DOLLAR signs! LOL! So I go on to actually explain that right into the camera- that basically this worthless slave I am going to use for this clip literally means nothing to me and it is just a "thing" for me to beat on as much as I want to make as much easy $$$ as possible! (and the slave will get NOTHING and it better be GRATEFUL for it!! HAHA!)

So I then go outside and take the slave out of its cage where we keep it in the back yard of Mean Girl Manor. (But first I taunt it through its cage about how badly its going to be beaten and how its suffering is all going to be for MY profit!! The more it SUFFERS- the more $$$ I will make from the fan that ordered it! After I take it out of its cage, I gag the slave while taunting it some more and make it promise to take EVERYTHING to please me and MAXIMIZE my profit!! There will be no stupid "safe words" and no stopping until I feel that I have totally maximized my "bonus"!! I tell it point-blank that this is its PURPOSE in life and I get to beat on it AS MUCH AS I WANT so I can make as much $$$ as possible off its suffering. I mean, my God, I am literally laughing right in this loser's face about how "fun" this is going to be for me to beat it, abuse it, and torture it- for MY profit. And it just fucking drools at my feet and takes it- because I'm fucking HOT. Haha. I love owning slaves to abuse for my own amusement and profit. What a great life I live...I am so glad I was born as a hot girl :) and that so many losers were put on this earth for me to literally use as SLAVES for whatever I want! :)

Oh, and FYI- I take this slave waaay beyond it's limits and he actually cries during the clip!! haha! But hey, I want more MONEY! So all I do is mock his tears and the beating CONTINUES until I feel that I have maximized my "beating bonus"! Tears from insignificant SLAVES do not matter to me- only MAXING MY MONEY matters!

-Princess Beverly

Lessons In Ballbusting

I taught my new friends Tia and Ariana how to ballbust today. So I got us all to wear sexy bikinis to tease this slave before handcuffing him and putting him in a leg spreader. Check out my black shoes with the spikes on the top because they feel so nice on his balls, haha! It's like making mashed potatoes with human balls, LOL! There is something extra fun about watching new bikini girls ballbust for the first time because their giggles and taunts are so precious. I just love how they laugh at the slave... especially when he tries to go down.

Princess Beverly

Caning Chore Chart Episode 1: Chanel

This is another true life event around Mean Girl Manor. We have a live-in slave here who is a good worker but only performs at the highest level when his backside is bruised and battered from a brutal caning. So all the Mean Girls take turns each week caning his ass. This week its Princess Chanel's turn to freshen up the slave's bruises and welts. Chanel's best friend Princess Kianna was hanging out with her and decided to watch all the pure carnage as Chanel destroyed the slave's butt with hit after hit from her hard black cane. She has to make sure he can feel the marks for a least a week till his next beating. He is not allowed to heal up or he might think we are going easy on him. Other girls' houses may have"cleaning the house" type chores, but like OMG we're the MEAN GIRLS so we don't do chores like that! Our house responsibilities are just to beat the crap out of our slaves so they do whatever we want without question!

Princess C

Bawling From a Ballbusting

So me and Princess Bella are PISSED that this slave survived its last ballbusting session with us. We have have decided that we are going to kick our slave so hard in the balls we want to literally make him < i>cry. And to make SURE we make SOLID contact with its balls and its tiny little dick this time, Bella has this loser all handcuffed, LEGcuffed, and on its knees where it < i>belongs! So its balls are completely exposed to us and at the PERFECT height for MAXIMUM impact!

And we can guarantee you that this is one of the BEST ballbusting clips we have ever shot! This loser is literally SO broken by the end he is TRULY crying down on the floor at our feet BEGGING us to stop! Hahaha!!! And we keep making him get up over and over by yanking on his chain as hard as we can and MAKING him take more and more kicks waaay after that!! We want to DESTROY his nuts!!

And when you see these kicks making solid contact and toe-punting him right in his balls over and over as he kneels before us, you will understand why he was crying and begging for mercy!! That sickening "thud" was like music to our ears...the only thing better was hearing him CRY on the floor at Our feet!! Haha! ***I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE THIS CLIP WILL BE A TOP-50 CLIP!***

Superior Goddess Brooke

Lets See What He Can Take

We honestly feel that slaves deserve nothing more than to be beaten. That is like their purpose in life- to be objects for hot girls like us to abuse and beat on as much as we want. So Bella and I want to abuse this one- just cuz we feel like it. And cz we're hot- so we deserve to do whatever the fuck we want to losers like this. After all, it is what they were put on this EARTH for, right? But we want to have some extra fun while we beat on it and make it even a little more interesting.

I basically want to see which one of us can break him first. If I win I get Bellas shoe slave for an entire week- to degrade and use as much as I want. And if she wins, she gets my footslave to use as much as she wants for a week! This should be fun...

This poor slave...he knows the whips are coming and there is nothing he can do about it as we handcuff him to the furniture...he knows he needs to suffer for our amusement as much as we want now...

-Princess Beverly

Cuckold Dinner Lessons

This cuckold slave is forced to eat off the floor I walk on. He is being tought a lesson as he gets the floor of course. He should be thankful for having a Princess like me feed him at my feet- which is where he deserves to be as an inferior loser. Lesson learned for the slave- cuck slaves must pay for dates that I go on with other (REAL) men and be grateful just to eat off the floor at my Princess feet."I own u bitch..."-Princess Beverly                           

Strain Against The Cage Forever

We tease and tease this dumb slave for 15 minutes while he tries to jerk off in his steel chastity cage. He is absolutely not cumming but Goddess Raven and I blow sarcastic kisses in his face for trying so hard, LOL! We make him get a nice close look at our shoes because we know how badly he want to kiss them and cum all over them! But no! haha! Not today idiot. Today we get him hard for our video and deny him, the cage stays on! True and total rejection for our tease and denial clips!

-Princess Bella

Ballbusting Revenge

This slave flaked on his shoot shoot last time and we were just left here at Mean Girl Manor WAITING for him!! (He had some BS excuse about his car breaking down or some sh*tt.) This is all totally true btw. Sometimes slaves flake and it PISSES us off!! It toally messes up our day- which is why e require you idiots that write in to us about being in our videos to send us a nice deposit. (To make sure u SHOW UP in order to get it back!)

Anyway, this slave now needs to kneel before me, Princess Ashley, and Princess Monica as we sit on our thrones so it can plead its case and BEG us for mercy. But of course because it is a stupid male and I am still pissed about it daring not to make it to the last shoot, we determine that he needs his nuts literally DESTROYED- so that his days as a ballbusting slave for us (or ANYONE) will be OVER- PERMANENTLY. We stand him up and take turns kicking him as HARD as we can!

Eventually he goes down and cant take anymore. I guess we were all kicking him pretty hard- even new Princess Monica! She absolutely loved being able to kick a guy in the nuts and didnt hold back at ALL! I was impressed. And Princess Ashley was wearing these wicked pointed-toe pumps with a metal toecaps! They looked like they could really do some damage.

Goddess Harley

(*This clip is enhanced with special slow-motion effects for the best kicks so they are replayed in super slo-mo at 60 frames per second so you can see perfect impact with the slaves balls!)*

Beatdown By Mean Girls

So we are all sitting around talking about how Rhonda Rousey kicks ass- but now that she lost a fight, we think we could probably take her. We just need to practice our MMA skills. And what better way to do that then to practice on a slave! So we drag one out of its cage outside and handcuff its hands behind it back so it cant defend itself. (After all, its not like we would let a slave hit is back or something! LOL.) Then Princess Monica serves as the referee while me and Princess Ashley go back and forth trying to fuck this loser up.

And we really do face-bust this loser right in the face as hard as we can over and over. We punch it in its gut too. (It complained because apparently we broke one of its ribs last time we trampled on him! Haha awww.poor slave. Too bad!) I got pissed at one point because I actually broke a nail while punching this idiot in the face.

These are totally real punches. Ashley really let him have it too. Eventually he gives up haha. So we take turns doing victory poses on his pathetic, scrawny ass.

Goddess Harley

Laughed At For Real Foot Slavery

So me and Princess Ashley explain to "the new girl" (Ashleys friend, Princess Monica) how stuff works around Mean Girl Manor. We tell her how we abuse slaves, film it for our profit- and then even make them do all the work of editing and posting our videos too! So WE can make all the $$$ for doing like almost NO work whatsoever! (Unless you call abusing losers and treating them like the pieces of sh*tt they are work haha.) All we have to do as hot girls is abuse losers and write up these descriptions of the clips- we even have a slave that does all the video postings for us! (Cuz that sh*t is boring as fuck.)

Monica literally cant believe that we profit off real-life slave labor like this, so we take her into the office of Mean Girl Manor, and drag the video posting slave away from its computer- and then we mock him and make him worship our feet!! We totally laugh in his face about how he doesn't even get paid- he just gets FEET! (SOOO pathetic!!!) We explain to Monica that this is a foot freak- and they are SO easy to manipulate and USE because they will do like anything to satisfy their foot fetish cravings- including being used as complete and total slaves by hot girls like us that obviously have no respect for them. They just work like dawggs in order to be allowed a few kisses upon our beautiful feet! Haha.

Goddess Harley

Monica Learns Ballbusting

One of our favorite things to do around here is open up our girlfriends to the wonderful world of female domination and using men literally as our slaves. And one of the best ways to show them the complete and total power that we have, is to let our friends kick one of our slaves square in the nuts as hard and as much as she wants! So this is my friend Monicas first time ever kicking a slave in the nuts. She cant even believe that we can seriously treat these losers like this. So I decide to step it up a notch to REALLY show off to her by selecting like the most wicked shoes we could possibly wear while destroying this losers testicles. She totally cant believe that he just keeps kneeling there like an obedient fucking robot, spreading its legs just cuz we COMMAND it to, and just LETTING us kick him in the nuts like this over and over- while we are laughing our asses off at him!

Sooo much fun! :)

New Slave Learns Pain

This slave was found on craiglist, he said he would do "anything" for $100. I explain to him that if he takes enough of a beating to satisfy me, he will get it. You have to be a pretty big loser just to agree to something like that right? So anyway he is so laid back and nonchalant like a totally valley boy or something, I'm not even sure what hes doing here. I wonder when I whip his sorry ass if I will cure him of his laid back and lackadaisical demeanor. I'll give him something to care about pretty soon, I promise you that, Ha-Ha. So I whip him and pretty soon he is calling out for me to stop- and that really pisses me off! (We actually had to cut filing for a second- NOT good.) So I let him take a short break to let him regain his composure then I lash into him even harder than before. Over and over again I whip him harder and harder till I convince him to fucking like it in order to please me! If he gets overwhelmed with pain, I just make him kiss my super sexy black thigh high boots. Then I tell him to take more! Its so hot to see a guy change his behavior simply because a mean girl like me forces him to. I train this no-account loser boy to be my perfect pain slave. I wonder what else I can make him do...?

Princess Carmela

Cup Check

So we Mean Girls are conducting try-outs for our mixed-gender flag football team. We decide that the boys should wear cups when Princess Monica asks Why?" So I decide to put on a demonstration of what could happen when boys don't wear cups in contact sports. We have our first male applicant and he says he is not wearing a cup- but how can we know for sure? "Well, there is only one way to find out!" CUP CHECK BALL KICKS!

So we take turns busting his balls from all angles. We are having so much fun that we continue to bust this idiots balls even after its OBVIOUS he isn't wearing a cup. (Princess Ashley: "Hmmm....I'm STIIIILL not completely sure! Stand up! I want to test you again!") Haha it is SO funny. he must be like SO desperate to be on a team full of hot girls like us to put up with this kind of tryout!

Eventually we even make him take jockstrap completely off- just to make SURE there is no cup under there! (And then we STILL kick him some more! Haha.

Goddess Harley

Mean Girl Tribunal - Trial and Tribulation - Ep. 1

When our personal slaves get out of hand we usually just simply beat them. Sometimes though, there are special circumstances which require the long arm of the law to adequately crush any resistance some of you losers at home may have to our Dominant Authority. This idiot actually had the audacity to write her a VERY DISRESPECTFUL EMAIL. And this kind of behavior just simply can NOT be tolerated.

Welcome to the first-ever recorded Mean Girl Tribunal. And whenever a slave awaits to be judged by one of us you can rest assured the verdict will never be in its favor. (Btw, this slave actually met Princess Beverly the night before the shoot IRL so she could lock him up in chastity and keep the keys with HER to make SURE he showed up the next day at Our shoot for his "judgement day" LOL!)***

This slave looks completely downcast as the charges are read. The Honorable Princess Bella presides over the court, holding this scared slave to the fate of her judgement. What should its punishment be? An insulted Mean Girl makes for angry Mean Girls. We need to ensure this will never happen again. The slave needs to be made an example of. Whatever the punishment, it will surely outdo the crime.

By order of the Mean Girl Tribunal it is ordered that it will suffer under the scourge of our whips. Oh, it's offering $700 in cold hard cash? Princess Beverly takes the cash, no problem- but that's not going to save it from suffering. We make it kiss our feet, look up and say thank you to each and every one of us- Princess Beverly, Princess Carmela, and myself. Its beating is about to begin.

It even admitted it was GUILTY AS CHARGED! It won't just be punished for being disrespectful- it will be made to suffer. It's going to take more than begging for mercy, more than apologizing, more that grovelling to stop us. In this clip you're learn the extent of Mean Girls' wrath.

***The first half of this clip is the "trial" of the slave - which is totally real, btw - and then the second half is us beating the SH**** out of this idiot!! And we mean like for REAL. He is literally groveling at our feet, begging us for mercy and crying like a little BITCH almost the entire time we are beating him. He learned his lesson, we think. Don't FUCK with the Mean Girls.

Princess Bella