All Your Savings

Do not let "society" fool you into thinking you need "things"- you don't. PRINCESSES need things- slaves do not. So in this clip I explain to you exactly how much you will need to sacrifice in order to provide a superior princess like myself with the things that I deserve and am entitled to!

In this clip I basically lay out my plan to grow a small, devoted "stable" of paypigs that combined can be anice steady source of income for me- that I can drain at will. All they will need to do is sacrifice every creature comfort possible- so that I can have whatever I want on a whim!

I also give my email out in this clip as well as instructions on how you can apply to be included as a pig in my stable.

Princess Bella

7 Day Fuckover

I’m going to give you a list of things to do this week that will ruin your life. You said you would to anything for me and by the end of the week you'll prove it. Here is how it’s going to go! Hope you can be a man (haha) of your word.

Message for Mack

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor.  I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

Princess Carmela, Princess Beverly, and Princess Bella talk about how a fan of the Mean Girls named slave Mack is being used as one of their production slaves. Slave Mack is the new clip description slave responsible for watching all the videos and writing the descriptions that accompany each video. The Mean Girls decided he should be kept in chastity because they didn’t want him jerking off to their videos when he should be working. Then they noticed the longer the slave stayed in chastity the better and faster job he did completing each video. Because the slave writes better when he’s sexually frustrated the Mean Girls decided he’s not allowed out of chastity anymore unless they vote to let him out which they almost never do. Princess Bella says the slave’s dick will be in a cage for at least the next month. They know it must be torture for a huge fan of theirs to have to watch every video in detail while kept in 24/7 chastity but they don’t even care about that! All they care about is that it makes the slave work even harder!

The Mean Girls want even more slaves because their free time is way too valuable to do any behind the scenes work. Basically their goal is to have a nearly 100% slave labor force so all they have to do is abuse losers for fun and profit and not have to do any other work. If any other losers out there want to be a production slave they can email the Mean Girls at admin@miamimeangirls.com. The video also has the personal email addresses of Princess Carmela, Princess Beverly, and Princess Bella so you can email them directly and beg to be one of the production slaves.

This is a great clip because it demonstrates that the Mean Girls really do use slaves for everything including behind the scenes and off camera. I should know because I am the clip description slave that this video is about! I was just a fan who emailed the Mean Girls and now I work as their slave for real. If you are interested in hearing real life discussion by Mean Girls of using slaves behind the scenes or if you are interested in serving yourself then you need to buy this clip.

Get Collared

Hey, you should fly to LA and get collared. What kind of collar would be right for you, dawg collar or a full metal slave collar, haha! Maybe you should get a sharp spike collar that tightens into your neck when I pull on it! That might be my favorite one yet!

Princess Beverly

Wasted Cum- No Breeding For Losers

You are seriously such a fucking loser that you should not be allowed to breed- EVER. But you are so in love with me that you probably jack off to these videos of me over and over, huh? And you can probably never stop because I am the hottest woman you have ever seen. You are just stroking yourself - all alone, like a loser - over and over and over...thinking about me. So sad lol.

But this clip actually gives you some specific instructions on something that you CAN do with all that cum that may actually be useful!

Superior Goddess Brooke

The Smaller The Dick The Bigger The Plug

If there's one thing I hate it's when a guy gets a big head about what he's got downstairs. If you're a sub then odds are it's because nature gave you a tiny dick that no woman wants. Even if you by some miracle have a "decent" sized dick or "big" (haha, yeah right) you still need to be put in your place. So to keep slaves in their place I make them wear butt-plugs. The smaller the guy the bigger the plug. Buy this clip to find out exactly what size plug you'll be wearing for me.

Princess Bella

Step Sister Dictates JOI

***Paid Custom Clip***

You know me, the hot gold digging step sister in sexy high heels. I can make you my stepbrother do anything I want because you have the hot's for me. I can even make you jerk off to the sight of my shoes and feet. Oh and by the way you're not allowed to have sex of any kind or jerk off without my approval. If you don't do what I say I tell everyone your sick fantasies and maybe even ballbust you in my dangerously sexy heels. You know I'm taking each paycheck from you as well. I'm leaving you with nothing but blue balls HAHA your bossy step sister will never leave you alone.

Our Favorite Kinds Of Slaves

Me and Chanel are just relaxing at the Mean Girl Manor, talking to each other about what they like and don't like about slaves.There are all kinds of slaves that want to serve us. Some things they all have in common. Like ALL of them being pathetic losers who don't deserve to be around us. On the other hand, there are so many different slaves we use and abuse: financial slaves, pain slaves,sissy slaves, chore and errand slaves and even humiliation slaves.We just kick back and talk about what we like and don't like about each kind. This is a MUST SEE clip if you plan on serving us in real life.

Also we even give you Princess Chanel's Email so you can contact her to serve us if that's something you have the guts to try.

Princess Kianna

Pussy Doesnt Do It For You Anymore

When in the last time you jerked it to straight porn. Did you start watching my humiliation videos thinking that it was just a side interest a curiosity??? Well here you are with your bookmarks all filled up with humiliating porn links. Its as if I put hyypnotic things in these videos to ruin your life. Haha!

Princess Beverly

Obey Me In Black Shiny Leggings

Oh Im back wearing my shiny leggings you know what that means. It means you have your cock in your hand and you are waiting for me to take advantage of you because you cant resist me when I wear them. You will be thanking me for this video by sending me more leggings to keep destroying you. I only wear leggings once and then throw them away so you will be sending me a steady supply to use and abuse you forever.

Princess Bella