Goddess Rodea

I'm totally into financial domination.  Absolutely LOVE it.  It actually turns me ON.  LOL.  And In my opinion if a so-called "slave" doesn't SACRIFICE it's PAYCHECK for his Goddess- then he isn't a real slave!  Your JOB and PURPOSE in LIFE is to make MY life easier, loser!!!  So get used to it.  And get to it!  Here is the link to My WISHLIST to get you started down the road of SERVING ME!

Oh, and I also like beating the crap out of slaves to make them prove how much they ADORE me too...haha.  So give me all your money and let me beat the living craap out of you while you tell me how much you LOOOVE Me- and then I will consider you a "decent" slave.  And officially my PROPERTY.  Haha.  Wuah!