The Boot Experiment

The Mean Girls do more than just take money from losers and beat on slaves. They also do a lot of original slave training research. Princess Beverly is conducting a study on the effects of boot worship and the ability to take pain. She is wearing a very short skirt showing off her long legs and thigh high black boots that look amazing. With clipboard and paddle in hand she allows the slave to freely worship her boots by kissing them all over and licking the bottoms clean. During the boot worship session she beats the slave with her paddle and takes careful notes regarding his reaction. Then as a control study she paddles the slave when he is denied access to her boots and notes any differences in the slave’s ability and willingness to take pain. The data gathered will be used by all the Mean Girls so they can hopelessly enslave even more boot obsessed freaks. The paddling is not very hard in this one but boot worship fans will drool over how hot Princess Beverly looks in her ultra short skirt and thigh high black boots. 

Foot-Obsessed Creeper

What are you doing at the foot of my bed staring at my FEET while I sleep?? I can\'t believe I just CAUGHT you doing that, you freak! Watch this video to see what I really think of you staring at my feet while I sleep- and it may not be what you were expecting. You like my feet so much? Well you you are going to get more of them than you can handle from now on... Oh, and this little intrusion of my privacy is going to COST the clip to find out how much, foot-creeper. Princess Bella

Welcome to Mean Girl Manor

This is a glimpse into REAL LIFE at Mean Girl Manor.  It shows 2 new slave applicants being shown around.  One of them wants to serve us part-time, and the other one wants to become Our next 24/7 live-in slave at MGM.  (And yes, this is totally REAL and the camera is rolling as soon as the 2nd slave arrives.  He literally crawls in and the camera is already rolling- much to his surprise haha.) 

Of course, they are being lead around by me and Princess Beverly on a LEASH, as they have to crawl behind us on all fours while we take them on their initial tour.  This isn't some stupid "stage" or "set" like some stores show you.  This shows you the real house we live in.  These 2 losers even see one of our "regular" house slaves already doing his cleaning.  (He is wiping off the whip marks and bloo00d stains off of the wall in Our throne room where we dish out most of Our slave-discipline haha.)  Both slaves are literally SHAKING as we lead them around the Manor.  They are sooo scared of us!  And me n P Bev just feed off of making slaves cower and tremble at Our feet...

Speaking of our feet, we make them literally lick the floor under our feet.  We even make one lick the floor in our dirty bathroom while the other one is ordered to lick our toilet clean!  Haha!!  (There is a lot of "house cleaning" done with slave-tongues in this clip...)  And me n Bev are just laughing our asses off while they lick clean the floor that we walk on.  We lead them through the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, outside...all with no cuts while Princess Cindi is behind that camera catching it all and laughing.  It is sooo much fun to boss losers around make their dumb asses do whatever we say.  (We even make one of these new losers lick a makeup stain off of the floor in the bathroom lol.)  This is real slavery!  We show the one slave where he will live if we accept his application as a 24/7 live-in slave for Us.

And we look fucking hot in our painted-on jeans and stiletto pumps, so who wouldn't want to serve us?  Even hot "alpha" guys do whatever we say- let alone these submissive freaks that literally came crawling to the front door of Mean Girl Manor begging to do anything just to be allowed around us.

We put them to work cleaning the Mean Girls kitchen, then come back with our whips a little bit later to inspect their work.  Little do they know they will be beaten whether they do a good enough job or not lol.  We love whipping slaves while they work for us.  It is suuuch great motivation!

Oh, and at the beginning AND the end of the clip we make these losers PAY us just for the privilege of working for U$, being humiliated by Us, and being beaten by Us!  Exactly as it should be!  You bitches should ALL be paying us, working for us, and begging to be beaten by Us!!  Why?  Because we are THAT hot and THAT far above you, loser!!!

-Princess Bella

Shiny Pants Control You

When it comes to tight, shiny, black leggings you can't help but stare and become weak! I know your fetish and I'm using it to tease you. I personally love leggings like these too, so I understand why you love them so much. They're so powerful and dominant, so naughty and sexy. The material and the way they look on Me, the way they grab My naughty bits, legs, ass. And the shine on them, too! Everything about these makes you weak. I'm going to make you drool at the mouth and cock as we get you your fix today.

Your Last Face-Sitting


This slave-bitch thought it could get away with jacking off in our bathroom. I have no room AT ALL for slave interested more in it's pleasure than in mine. I am going to put my ass in its face and it like a bug. This slave should be thanking me for extinguishing it with my perfect luscious ass. Shuffling off its mortal coil won't be so in the least be dignified for this slave.

I'm going to make this slave work for it. There's going to be plenty of ass-kissing and booty worship to as I send it on its way to the fires down below. I make this bitch turn as blue as a blueberry. Of course, I'm going to have LOTS of fun with this slave. The acts of degradation I will inflict upon it will follow it from this world to the next.

Princess Carmela

Foot Sub Submissions

So one of you luck losers is going to get the chance of a lifetime. I'm taking applications for a personal slave through my direct email (which I give you in this clip!) and I will pick the lucky loser that I like the best. So watch this clip then write to me and tell me what makes you a good foot slave/ And I'll put you in the running. (Hint, hint: if you send me an Amazon GC it might help your chances a little...)

Princess Chanel

Foot Cleaner Made in Mexico

Princess Lilly and Princess Carmela inform the slave that his training has been going so well he has earned a reward. Because he’s been such a good slave he will get the chance to worship the nylon clad legs and feet of his Princesses. Princess Carmela and Princess Lilly tease the slave by showing off their amazing looking legs in sexy black stockings. After a suitable amount of begging they finally grant the slave his reward and he’s allowed to kiss up and down the smooth black stockings covering their legs. After some time Princess Lilly and Princess Carmela remove their shoes and let the slave smell the bottom of their sweaty feet still encased in the silky stockings. The slave worships their feet licking them through the stockings and taking their feet into his mouth with the sweaty stocking still on his Princesses feet. Eventually the stockings are removed and the slave is allowed the privileged of worshipping their bare feet. When reward time is over the Princesses roll their stockings up into a ball and stuff them all the way into the slave’s mouth for him to choke on before sending him back to wait in his corner.

 I really liked the added dimension that the sexy black stockings added to this foot worship clip. I don’t even have a fetish for pantyhose and still found it really hot. So if you have a fetish for stockings/pantyhose you will definitely love this clip.

Sick Of My Cast

Custom Clip
"get filmed in cast crutching around sit on chair castfoot up on the other chair,or standing in kitchen with castfoot hanging over crutch, say you wear the cast now 2 weeks or so its smelly, phone bella tell her youre sick of cast, many close ups wiggles toes in cast, but you know important it never touch ground, and arms are straight while crutching"

Subby Substitute

The slave in this video is not a pain slave. He was hoping for some light humiliation or maybe a foot worshipping session. Unfortunately for him another slave scheduled to shoot a brutal whipping video has failed to show up. Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke have decided this new slave will have to substitute for the missing slave. They don’t care that he’s not into pain he’s a fucking slave and they will use him however they want. The show must go on so the slave will be whipped.

Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke both look amazing dressed in thigh high black boots and skimpy bikinis. The action in this clip is non-stop as the kneeling naked slave is subjected to a dual whipping from above by two beautiful bikini clad tormentors. The slave is assaulted from all sides as soon as a blow lands from Princess Carmela another is immediately on the way from Superior Goddess Brooke leaving the slave no time to recover. There is nothing the slave can do to prevent the non-stop whipping from continuing. All he can do is scream in pain and beg for it to stop but his pleas fall on deaf ears.

Orange County Goddess

So you know about the "Orange County Housewives" right?  Those impossibly beautiful women married to super rich guys?  Well I am an Orange County GODDESS.  That's right.  I don't want a rich "husband".  I want a rich SLAVE- several of them, possibly. Do you want to apply to be one of my real life slaves and work 24/7 to provide me with the life I am ENTITLED to because of my superior looks?  Watch this clip to get my personal email and find out how to apply.


Ashes for the Dirty Old Man

Princess Bella and Princess Beverly are in their bikinis hanging out by the pool at Mean Girl Manor. They are relaxing in the shade smoking cigarettes and using kneeling slaves as their personal human ashtrays. Another slave is fanning them with a palm leaf to keep them cool. The kneeling slaves stand by with their mouths open waiting for the Princesses to tap the hot ashes onto their tongues so they can swallow them. Princess Bella and Princess Beverly even put their lit cigarettes out on the slave’s tongues and toss the cigarette butts into their mouths making them swallow the entire thing. The girls casually chat about how hot it is outside and about how they use the slaves and who has the better slave.


It’s so great to see two beautiful Princesses totally at ease casually using multiple slaves like this. As the Princesses relax in the shade the naked & kneeling slaves are baking in the hot sun and literally being used as objects! They are just a set of ashtrays and a fan and nothing more. I really love these types of casual unscripted clips that show hot girls using losers like this as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

My Cash Cow

How do I make the MOST money off of you- by chaining you up helpless in my basement and TORTURING you on a DAILY basis. The worst torture imaginable. There would be nothing "safe, sane, or consensual" here! And I would do it to you over, and over, and over again- and film it ALL for my fans to watch. (and PAY for it, of course!) I have some loser in the UK that wants to apply already, but he's full of sh*tt basically. Anyone else want to apply? It would involve liquefying and turning over ALL your assets first, of course. I mean if you are going to become my "cash cow" and my PROPERTY...I will own everything YOU own! And then MY "cash cows" get BEATEN! Haha.

Can Brace Face Worship Feet

Princess Bella and Goddess Raven are in the process of evaluating a new slave named “brace face” because he still has braces on his teeth like a little boy. Brace face is an inexperienced slave who can’t seem to take much pain so they want to see if he at least knows how to properly worship feet. Goddess Raven and Princess Bella are dressed in tight short dresses and wearing red bottom Louboutin shoes that they value more than the slaves life. Goddess Raven warns the slave if his braces damage her Louboutin’s he will be buying both her and Princess Bella a new pair.

The slave is allowed the privilege of worshipping their feet but he is too clumsy and tentative to please Princess Bella and Goddess Raven. They instruct the slave to show more enthusiasm and to really get into it but instead he just wants to gently kiss the bottom of their shoes and even tries wiping away some of the dirt and grime from the bottom of their shoes with his hand because he is worried about germs! He has a lot to learn if he is ever going to be a useful foot slave. Princess Bella decides to handcuff the slave behind his back so they can train him how to properly worship feet. They make the slave lick the bottom of their shoes with his tongue completely flat against the surface so it scrapes everything off the bottom. Princess Bella is pretty sure she stepped in some a while ago and there must be some cat piss on the bottoms of the shoes as well. They make him suck and deepthroat their high heels before moving on to having him worshiping their bare feet. They push their sweaty feet into his face and use his tongue as a foot wipe before shoving their whole foot into his mouth until he is gagging on their feet.

Give Me My Date Money

Sure you could buy me stuff off my wishlist at random, but wouldn't it be a little more degrading if you bought it specifically to have me go out on a date without you? I would much rather spend time with a real man anyway. You are best to stay at home jerking off as you press enter on my amazon wishlist.

Princess Beverly

Making The Foot Freak Beg

Princess Chanel is relaxing on the couch, dangling her sandal from the tip of her toes. A slave is bowed down before her his forehead pressed firmly to the ground. The slave has a huge foot fetish and eventually can’t resist lifting his head to try and sneak a peek of Princess Chanel’s foot. Princess Chanel catches the foot freak staring at her feet when he was not given permission to raise his head. Princess Chanel reprimands the slave for disobeying her orders and tells him if he wants her foot so bad he can lick the bottom of her sandal clean. How does the bottom of my sandal taste slave? I stepped in some today! Oh is that gross to you? This is a privilege to you so don’t act like it’s fucking not!

Princess Chanel knows how desperate the slave is to worship her feet but she won’t allow it without some serious begging first. So far he has only been able to lick the bottom of her sandal but after a lot more begging he is permitted to smell her feet but still no touching. After even more pathetic begging he is allowed to give her foot one single kiss. After degrading the slave some more and telling him how pathetic and worthless he is Princess Chanel finally allows the slave to worship her beautiful feet. The whole time the slave is telling Princess Chanel how beautiful she is and how grateful he is for her allowing him to kiss her feet. It’s obviously the greatest day in this losers life!

I don’t have a strong foot fetish but I enjoyed how Princess Chanel is so aware of the power her feet have over this slave. I also liked the contrast of the all American beautiful blond forcing the “dirty foreigner” to beg for the privilege of kissing her feet. And you can tell Princess Chanel truly believes it is a privilege as she makes sure this loser has no dignity left. Foot fetish fans and fans of seeing a slave lick the bottom of a pair of sandals clean will love this clip.

Foot Finals

You have been in foot slave training for 3 weeks now it's time to see if you pass the test to be a Mean Girl foot slave. We are giving you a test to see if you can be the foot slave we have trained you to be.

Wrecking Balls

Princess Carmela and Princess Bella have come up with a super fun new game called “wrecking balls”. The game starts with the slave shackled to a board so he is forced to stand spread eagle style. A heavy weighted ball is hanging from a string and positioned at just the right height to allow the girls to swing it toward the helpless slave’s balls. If they correctly aim the swinging weight they can score a direct hit right into the slave’s balls. Princess Bella and Princess Carmela decide to make it a contest and see which one of them has the better aim and can hit the slave in the balls the most. Princess Carmela goes first and scores a direct hit on her very first try! Princess Bella misses on her first attempt but unfortunately for the slave any time one of the Princesses misses they just take a do over until they score a direct hit!

I really loved this clip! It never ceases to amaze me the creative ways The Mean Girls have of hurting slave’s balls. I love how they just grab a slave and apologetically decide to hurt his balls just for the fun of it. I love how Princess Bella and Princess Carmela throw their heads back in laughter every time they score a direct hit. I would be terrified to see that wrecking ball swinging right towards my balls and unable to close my legs or do anything to prevent it from happening. That’s not some tennis ball or lightweight ball either it’s a heavy metal ball that you can tell weighs at least several pounds. 

Minion Assignment 1

ALL my slaves need to buy this clip. Or even those that are just THINKING about serving ME. NOT because the clip is super "hot" or anything. To be honest, it's not really. (Except for the fact that it has ME in it, of course LOL.) But you still need to buy it because it has some VERY important instructions that I want ALL my slaves to follow in order to deepen your long-term ENSLAVEMENT to ME. This clip will tell you what you need to do in order to heighten your "Princess Bella Experience" while watching ALL of my FUTURE videos. I even priced it extra low so all you losers could afford to buy it! So watch this clip to hear what a great idea I have to increase my control over you and drill my will deeper into your brain with every clip of mine that you watch from now on...then I even want you to report in to me about what it was like watching one of my clips after you follow my instructions in THIS clip. All my true worshippers MUST watch this clip. Princess Bella

Another Brick In The Wall

Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley have trampled this slave so many times already that they need to find a new way to mix things up. So this time they will trample the slave on bricks to make it even more painful for him. The slave is positioned face up across the top of the low and narrow brick wall in the back yard of Mean Girl Manor. Goddess Nina steps up onto the slave and balances the full weight of her high heels right on his sensitive inner thighs. Next Goddess Harley steps onto the center of the slave’s chest with her high heels sinking deeply into his flesh. With the slave now supporting the full weight of both Goddesses they begin bouncing up and down on the slave and grinding their sharp high heels into his skin deeper and deeper. The gagged slave moans out in obvious pain below them, but the Goddesses pay no attention to his muffled screams.

This is probably one of the hardest trampling clips available anywhere on clips4sale. Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley trample the slave without mercy as they seek to take him to new levels of pain. At various points the Goddesses step off the slave to admire the puncture marks their heels are leaving embedded all over the slave’s body. They also comment on the damage their heels are causing. What was that cracking noise? Was that cartilage? Bone? His ribs? I don’t know but something’s cracking. This is a must buy clip for hardcore trampling fans!

I Wasn't Joking My Little Pet

OMG we got so drunk last night, remember hun? I was walking you around the bar like a pet on all fours, that was pretty crazy! Well I made up my mind this is going to be permanent. You are going to be my pet from now on. I like you better that way! Now be a good boy and do what I say, my little pet.