I'll Suck Dick for Goddess Draya

Yea bitch, get it thru your head, that is your new mantra.  I WILL SUCK DICK FOR GODDESS DRAYA,  I WILL SUCK DICK FOR GODDESS DRAYA,  I WILL SUCK DICK FOR GODDESS DRAYA....   

Say it again and again and again... just like I make this little aspiring ginger faggot do in the clip here after zapping the fuck out of its worthless cock for pissing Me off with its shitttty job and lousy income.  This faggot is so broke, so stupid, and so fucking insanely worthless the only benefit I get from it is frying its eggs with the shock collar and laughing in its face as I take the few dollars of tips it makes at its job everyday as soon as it arrives home...  

Watch and see how pathetic boys become when they arrive at the Manor. Bow down bitch and acknowledge your place serving your Superiors...  

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Cleanliness is Next to Goddess-liness

OMG, You absolutely wouldn't believe how stupid and disgusting My lil beta bitch ginger is.  This unbelievable fuck asked permission to use the restroom during one of Our shoots and I told it to hurry back because it was needed for the next video.  Lo and behold this idiot thinks that means I want it to piss and get back so fast that it doesn't wash its hands.... EWWWWWW, FUCKING GROSS YOU MAGGOT....

So right then I was done with it... this thing needed to learn, and it was a perfect opportunity because Princess Alexandria had just come by for the day and had never yet caned a loser, so We laid right into this thing and made it remember We don't want disgusting slaves... (yes you are all disgusting but try and minimize it as much as you can loser..) 

Nothing gets on My nerves more than stupid, clueless, unable to use logic losers...  this thing got its ass kicked for its stupidity.  See what happens when you are up to expectations beta bitch...

Shocked and Loathing in Las Vegas

So on the first day Goddess Asia came by the Manor, I had to ask Her if She ever had the chance to torture a slave with a ball-shocker.  Of course, it was something totally new to Her.  Our stupid aspiring live-in ginger was caged up next to the couch where I had left it with a "Stubborn-Disobedient Dawg Correction Collar" strapped to its ballsack, and I quickly showed Asia just how easy it was to have fun electrocuting the future beta babies made from this loser's sperm by zapping them with 20,000 volts.... HAHAHAHA...  

You losers do anything for the tiniest bit of Our attention. No wonder no one actually believes any of you are actually real men. So beta bitches, buy up, and watch how quickly a guest at the Mean Girl Manor can replicate that Stanford Psychological Prison Experiment and shock the hell out of the loser on the other side of the wall.... LOL 

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

So many of you loser's write in asking to be of use and wanting to visit Us at the Manor, but you need to realize, that sometimes, Our slaves aren't even in the Manor, they're kept in various slave quarters here or at the punishment compound in the desert.  These two things had been kept out in the compounds overheated storage building and when Goddess Platinum and I walked in it was so hot We made the loser's apologize for causing Us to sweat while We destroyed their little packages.  

It's hilarious through the clip that these two slaves are so broken and resigned to their roles as Our property, they no longer even fight back or offer any resistance.  Watch as GP and I demand they stand and present their balls for Us to kick into their throats and crawl over to thank Us after We do so.  

You things are all so pathetic, but at least these loser's got the chance to actually have their worlds destroyed by their Betters... you should be so lucky loser.. 

Prince$$ Mia ;)

Fat Fuck Double Dommed

Check out this great never before seen clip from Miss Tiffany's first visit to Mean Girl Manor.  Obviously, anyone who watches Our content, or has seen the things Miss Tiffany does on Her site, knows We both love to put losers to the test.  So in this clip, I had Our worthless fat fuck loser locked down in the basement and brought Our guest down to have Her way with it...  

Once We got downstairs, I showed Her where the various implements and devices We had to destroy slaves were at and We took to each having several rounds of beating this things ass.  

Check out what it means to get broken and beaten by the Mean Girls and the ever alluring Miss Tiffany, and learn exactly how little you beta bitches mean to Us ever.  

Goddess Platinum

Droopy Dawg Digs Draya's Divine Digits

I've been living at the Manor a little over six months now, and the one thing that still blows My mind everyday is just how ridiculously pathetic you loser bitches are that come here to get abused by Us.  Take this droopy dawg slave here, after having its ass beat ruthlessly earlier in the day by Me, it finally got to get its reward.   

LMFAO. REWARD MY ASS... all this bitch got was to take off My heels, and then to beg to be allowed to massage, worship and adore My perfect little peds.  You can see how frightened and stiff this thing is and hw its back is still all welted and red from being beaten earlier. Now come on over boy, and suck on My big toe while you play with the middle... 

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Decrepit Do-Nothing Dimwit Dodging Duties

It's nearly impossible to explain how angry I was when I got back to the Manor only to find the old idiot slave I had instructed to clean the common areas was wasting time playing on its cell phone.  And that isn't even the bad part, what was OH SO MUCH FUCKING WORSE, was that this stupid thing had the AUDACITY TO SIT ON MY FURNITURE, and even worse than that, was the stupid fucking thing did so WHILE IT WAS NAKED!!!

This ends NOW! So see how I put this waste of sperm to work like a bitch.  And dressed like a stupid little bimbo to boot.  See how things unfold when you live in the Manor but haven't done your chores.  Uh-oh, Ms. Dandy is not pleased.  Maybe somebody's gotta little surprise coming for them...  

Buy it now loser and see just how bad things get for this thing.... LOL

XoXo Mistress Dandy oXoX

Beaten for the HBIC

This strange pathetic old man slave... it is such a freak in it's devotion to Me.  It has promised Me countless times that I am the only person that could ever possibly "BREAK-IT"...   


So in step Princess Mia and Mistress Dandy to see if they can make this pathetic wretched old thing go back on its word to Me... if they can make it cry out for mercy, and break My old geezer pain slave bitch... 

From short little 24" leather whips, to full length single tails and bull whips, these Mean Girls lay into this old senior citizen as it attempts to prove its fidelity and obedience in tolerating anything for Me... 

Watch the ass kicking and brutal beating this old man takes, by the end his nipple is extremely red and messy, as are his arms, one ear, and all sorts more...  god is this thing a stupid pathetic old piece of shiet... but it sure loves to take an ass beating because I tell it to.... HAHAHAHA.....   it's so fucking wonderful being Me... 

Goddess Platinum 

I Want Dick For Dessert

OMG, I swear I hate this old disgusting pathetic slave that My Auntie used to keep around the Manor...   Ewwww... its so unfair that I had to talk to it or let it breathe My air... and it was so stupid... I would say something or make a joke to My Aunt, and this vermin would actually pipe up with nonsense about how it felt at the moment.. We LITERALLY GIVE ZERO FUCKS loser about anything you have to say... 

But back to this old crusty loser... Auntie had locked the sickly looking thing under Her bed shortly after branding its ass at Christmas (You can tell because She stuck a paper towel under its ass to keep the carpet from getting stained while I destroyed its worthless old man sack...) When I arrived at the house it started in talking about something no one cared about and within about a minute I was ready to off the insipid thing...

So I did exactly what My Auntie always taught Me, hurt a loser and laugh the stress away... LOL...

I quickly shut this thing up by smashing its worthless cock and balls under My sharp spike heels...  and as if that wasn't threatening enough, when the loser saw the large sharp metal studs all over the black leather stilettos, he immediately turned his pathetic loser head and started licking away at them and My feet hoping for some sort of mercy...  but no loser, mercy isn't part of the deal... My happiness is the only part that matters... and My happiness involves the destruction of your little pathetic man parts... 

I nailed it three times fast and it shrieked out and whined louder and louder as I unloaded on fun to watch it whine and squeal and squirm as I mash, crush, and stomp its balls to oblivion.  (Just wait until you see the difference in how they look from the start to the end of the clip... you fools are so pathetic and stupid...)

And the entire time I am ruining this things useless manhood, My Auntie is in the background filming and tormenting it about what a beta loser it is... the thing is so helpless and just lays there as I smash My heels into it again and again, from every angle and manner I can create.... HAHAHAHA....  

But what do I get for all My effort in hurting this garbage little bitch?  A loving thank You Princess? A gift of countless millions?  No, just this obnoxious thing again talking, and whining, and doing so louder and louder the more I kicked it... So duh, remember earlier loser???   NO SPEAKING, UGH.... WE DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU OR HEAR ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY....

That means tape, lots of tape.... Gorilla Tape..... LMFAO.....

And of course, if I have to actually work to tape it up, I am going to make it pays Me back by kicking its ass twice as long...  so I really lay into it after and continue smashing it over and over (this clip goes 20+ minutes) and better than that, in addition to ruining and destroying this loser's baby bits, We took it to a whole new level at the end where this loser made one of the best pronouncements We've heard in ages...  HAHAHA...   I'm not giving away the goods, but I'd bet dollars for donuts, that the title might be onto something about this homo....  

<3 Princess Amber <3

New Princess Alexandria Footslaps a Bitch

This clip is an absolute highlight reel of why it’s great to be a Mean Girl.  Not only are We having fun beating the hell out of one of the hapless losers who pays Us thousands of dollars every month just to be allowed to be abused by Us, better yet, one of the other losers who pays for a membership on Our website watching all the fucked up stuff We do to these idiots, he decided to cough up a bunch more cash to have Us pull the naked mole rat out of its cage and kick it over and over in its head until it was senseless...  all in order to show Our Newest Princess and Mean Girl, Alexandria, just how pathetic the "beta bitches" in Our lives really are...  

Watch as We take this thing out of its cage and then proceed to destroy its head, face, and body with kicks, slaps, and stomps from the soles and toes of Our perfect feet...  This clip proves the point, We can do anything We wanted to them whatsoever.  

Get the clip and see all the action... kicking it in the head countless times… slapping its worthless head and face with the bottoms of Our feet… slapping and smashing it over and over and spitting on its face, laughing at it, and tormenting it countless other ways

Goddess Platinum

Elmo's Disappointing Dick Dysfunction

It is utterly unbelievable what these things at the Manor will do for a bit of attention. Check out this bitch ass white boy with his scrawny tickle-me-Micro-penis as it tries to show Princess Amber and I how much it adores and worships Us as it makes a puny puppy worship puddle at Our perfect feet.  The thing begs like a mutt to be allowed to touch itself and We rip it apart as it finally does, Amber even shoves Her stinky heels into its face as it frantically slaps its stupid stick. 

And this gross little sub-human strokes away until We decide to lock it back up and leave it in a corner to rot.  Get the clip to see what happened and why this sad little sucker got sent the fuck home like the bitch it was without ever getting to "pop" at the Mean Girl Manor. (Cuz Girls run the WORLD bitch...)

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Red Roasted Ginger

It's always so great visiting the Manor, because there are no stupid rules about what We can use the slaves for. And when I decided to take a quick swim in the pool, seeing the pathetic pasty bleach-white-ass-ginger sitting next to the door to the back patio, My mind had all sorts of ideas of things to do with it to torture and antagonize it.  Like what else does it actually have to do anyway, other than what I want it to do?  Ummmm, Nothing... LOL

So I had this disgusting thing grab Me a towel, and dragged it outside to use while I had My fun.  After getting situated and comfortable in My recliner and ready to enjoy the beautiful day here in Vegas, I locked the nasty little white thing to the huge heavy wooden stockade out on the patio and set to enjoying My day.  (Mind you I already have a gorgeous bronze base tan and this disaster of a thing has about as much color as a Xeroxed worksheet...) But that's not My problem...  And really, being the fun friend I am, I even let the thing use an old bikini top I found lying around so it could protect its sensitive nipples from the sun....  HAHAHA

So get a real glimpse into what it's like to be a full time slave at the Manor like this pathetic ginger, as this clip is a perfect little mini-view of how different every day can be at the Manor.  One day you're getting trampled on and your balls zapped off, and the next your handcuffed to a several hundred pound wooden torture device, on a 100 plus degree pool patio, and left outside slathered in baby oil to crisp and cook up while your Superiors swim right in front of you... and then even take the time to reinforce the lesson by beating your ass to really enhance the brightness of the coloring the sun already added to your loser self... 

Hahaha, it's all about who you know loser... and even though W/we might both know the Mean Girls, when I visit the Manor, I get treated so much better than you pathetic bitches could ever hope for....  

Goddess Asia

Covid-19 Converse Contamination

***Paid Custom Clip for AMG Member***
Princess Amber has been visiting her grampa in the "Covid Ward" of the local hospital. They even made her wear this stupid ugly HAZMAT suit because this stuff is supposed to be sooo life threatening. However, Princess noticed that the bottom of her favorite Converse sneakers were exposed to the germs! Especially since she stepped in all kinds of NASTY stuff in the hospital! Like, there were warning signs everywhere, and she even stepped ring INTO a puddle of some "gunk" that may have been like a spilled covid urine sample bottle or something? She wasn't sure, but there were people in hazmat suits scurrying to clean it right after she walked through it...Anyway, she wants the bottom of her Converse CLEANED!!

So she calls in her slave who is like SOOOO in "love" with her...even though the old pathetic losers knows all it can ever be to her is a SLAVE. She explains to the slave's face where she has been all day in GREAT detail. The slave is scared. Then she puts her foot out and commands her devoted slave to PROVE to her how much it "loves" her! And it will prove it by LICKING THE COVID OFF THE SOLES OF HER CONVERSE!!!!

All while she casually relaxes like a total spoiled brat and mocks the old loser because he is probably "like sooo vulnerable to the disease coz he is like sooo old.." and she just LAUGHS about it! She begins literally RAMMING her old, dirty shoes down its throat...the old man obviously means NOTHING to her. She thinks it is sooo funny to degrade - and even INFECT - him like this.

And the loser will just TAKE it from her. Why?? Well, just LOOK at Princess Amber! She is perfection...and she KNOWS it!

No Asylum Trample [PIP: Picture-in-Picture]


Can you believe She had two cameras running the whole time while We stomped on this little, weird, communist, foreigner slave She had in from the Czech Republic (or some other weird pretend-Kremlin place over there... ick...)  whatever... I get grossed out even just thinking about where these things We stomp on come from beforehand... like, how gross is it that We have to stand on some disgusting piece of floor trash from the evil empire.. as if this thing deserves a place in Our World or Society except as the trash as it is Under Our Spiked Heels as We Dig Them In CONSTANTLY!!!!

Yeah, so point being, We abuse and trash this third world import.  It gets the spike and abuse treatment beneath Our heels before We give it a bit of a break with Our bare feet (but that doesn't necessarily make things easier.  Hahaha loser.)

Watch as We exploit the hell out of this thing and get it ready to be sent back to whatever "S**T-HOLE" country it came from... and the whole time get to see every single bit of the action from the up close shots of Our heels completely crushing into its saggy body, and how it squirms under Our spikes...  HAHAHA

Get this first ever Mean Girls PIP clip now bitch boy and show Us you appreciate Our hard work abusing you things like the worthless little wannabe American, begging to be Our bitches, deplorable deportables you are.... LOL

<3 Princess Amber <3


***This clip is shot with 2 cameras capturing all the action at the same time- one camera angle shows our full bodies standing on the slave, and the other (main) camera is zoomed-in on our STILETTO HEELS digging DEEP into the slave's flesh beneath us!!  We are trying this "picture-in-picture" thing for the first time in a trample clip, so let us know if you like it!  The slave really suffered for Us in this clip as we stomped all over him, and kept our heels on almost the entire time while we held him down and just laughed at him while he seemed to be in agony underneath Us!

Inhale My Hosed Toes

Gawd, these stupid losers will do nearly anything at all for the slightest bit of attention from Us Mean Girls.  This old crotchety thing was laying there like a worthless old ass floor mat when I came back in from an afternoon in the Vegas Summer Heat rocking these kick-ass completely see through booties that just drive suckers everywhere wild... LOL... so of course My feet are absolutely soaked with sweat, so much so that I actually pour the wetness out into this loser's face...  and then the nylons wrapped around its ugliness so We don't have to see it's face become the perfect little trap to hold in all My feet's sweat and nastiness and let Me grind and rub it into this pathetic piece of trash's face over and over again...  HAHAHAHA loser... you're nothing but the worthless thing beneath the soles of My perfect feet... don't you ever think you could be anything more.

<3Princess Amber <3

Watch Me Pummel Our Plump Porky Pig

I went over to the Mean Girl Manor to hang out with Platinum for the day. I got super excited when Platinum told me she was going to teach me how to cane submissive freaks- annnnnnddddd she was going to let me cane her "fat piggy slave"... Can you blame me? Fuck, there is no missing with a target that humongous! LOL!

This clip is ***BRUTAL***!!!  You might even feel bad for "Porky" as we beat this fucking freak- unfortunately for him, WE don't!  HAHA

Enjoy loser!!!!!

***Queen Simone***

Students Smack Down Stupid Stinky Substitute

Can you believe the fools they allow to teach classes these days?  This senior citizen was up mumbling on about some nonsense none of Us wanted to hear about.  And it's old ass just kept talking. So We took to doing what We do best, and beating the hell out of it's old stupid stinky ass. Oh, and of course We did it the whole time in these little, plaid, short skirted outfits, all the better to warp the minds of you pliable ass old men out there. So pay up again piggie, show Us how well you can obey... HAHAHAHAHA... 

$$$ Goddess Draya $$

First Steps To Full Time Slavery

At one in the morning in the Manor, I get to handling some of the last business of the day; getting in a nightly workout beating the hell out of a slave... and this isn't an ordinary beatdown, this is the first of many trials for this ugly ginger thing as it tries to become the newest live in slave at the Manor.  This thing wants to move in and is desperately hoping to serve as Goddess Draya's newest bitch, but before any loser gets a chance to serve any of the Girls here at the Manor, they need to have My approval and permission to start the process.   Because I am the HBIC!

Check out the process as I work this sad little loser over and over and over with the various whips, canes, crops, and paddles I had in My treasure chest.  See if this freak makes it to Round Two of the ass-kicking as it tries to become a new Mean Girl Manor Live-in bitch... It hopes to one day serve Goddess Draya full-time. LOL! Not sure that will ever happen.

Goddess Platinum

Chastity Release Review

This poor slave. It has basically given up its life to live at Mean Girl Manor and serve Us. It has given Us all its money, and all the money it earns from now on goes to Us. It spends its days serving us hand & foot 24/7. And we treat it like absolute garbage 24/7 too. But to make sure it is 100% compliant no matter HOW badly we treat it, or how hard we work it, we have it locked up in chastity. I have been holding its key for quite awhile now. And it is like soooo desperate for a release...

But the thing is, it needs to PAY to be released! And it is out of money coz WE take it all! Haha. So it basically comes down to how much it is willing to go into DEBT just to have its pathetic little cock released so it can tug on it for a few minutes lol. OMG males are so fucking pathetic...but this makes it SO easy for me to get a shopping spree paid for! So I'm not complaining.

And today is "that day". It has been a good several months since I even considered releasing the slave last time. The loser starts whimpering at my feet, mumbling something about it being "the 1st of the month". At first I don't even know what the fuck the idiot is mumbling about. But then I remember, "Oh YEAH, isn't this supposed to be the day I review your performance to see if I will grant you a release from chastity for a few minutes??"

The slave is like SO ecstatic that I even remembered.

Then I tell the slave that we will have to play a little "game" to see if it will be released...haha. The poor slave seems distressed because it knows that my "games" always end up costing him- not just his money, but his pride, his dignity, his credit score. But it makes it entertaining for ME- and that is all I care about.

I make the slave go fetch ALL his credit cards and kneel back at My feet. As I am using the top of its head like a human footstool, and dangling one of my Louboutin stilettos off the tip of my toe right in front of its loser face just to tease it, I explain the rules of the "game". I will run through ALL of its credit cards, attempting to purchase this REALLY expensive NEW pair of Louboutins online. IF one of the slave's credit cards goes through, the slave will get released! If not, well...its "six more months of winter" for the slave's poor, locked up balls. Haha

Watch the clip to see if the slave gets released or not! (HINT: I am EXTRA cruel to the slave...and it is COMPLETELY BROKEN at the end! Haha)

<3 Princess Amber <3

Ballbusting for Twitter Tributes

So I am sitting on the Throne at Mean Girl Manor and decide to do a live feed for all my fans on Twitter. I have a slave kneeling at my feet, per the usual around Mean Girl Manor.

Then I have a GREAT idea! I will use the slave's BALLS to kick as MUCH AS I WANT for my fans! AND I will make $$$ from it!! I decide for every $5 tribute I get, I will kick my slave in the balls! Isn't that a GREAT idea?? What a great way to use a slave to make $$$!!!

Watch the clip to see how it goes! (These are some REALLY hard kicks btw! Imagine how hard I would kick it for a $100 tribute! LOL!) I made pretty good money though! Not to mention the $$$ I will make from this clip starts selling like crazy! LOL

Let me know if you want me to do more live-feed stuff like this, losers. Or I can even tell other Mean Girls to do it using Our house slaves. We are thinking about doing more live streaming us to abuse these freaks live! Haha

<3 Princess Amber <3