Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, most slaves are full of it when they talk about coming to be in Our clips, and they have no REAL plans to be in Our videos.  Or they live 1000s of miles away, barely speak english, and are just fantasizing about serving us "someday".  If this is the case with you- DO NOT BOTHER US!

That being said, we now ONLY allow new slaves to film with us- if they PAY us for it.  And we mean like a LOT.  Otherwise, we already have MORE than enough slaves to "kiss our feet" etc in our videos LOL.  If that is all you have to offer- sorry loser.  And if you can't afford to do that- then do not bother us, and instead go look for girls as hot as US to worship & serve on craigslist or something.  (Good luck with that! LOL)  THIS IS TO KEEP US FROM HAVING OUR TIME WASTED WITH BULLSHITTTERS.  Once you come here a few times, your "status" as a slave may change- ONCE WE KNOW YOU ARE LEGIT, OBEDIENT, AND USEFUL!!!  (Most "slaves" are none of those things.)

Now, if you DO want to pay us to grovel at Our feet and/or be beaten by us- then the FIRST step is to JOIN OUR SITE!!!  (DUH!)  Send us your username, what you are willing to do for us, how much you are willing to PAY to worship & serve Us etc...or else we will not even bother to respond.  And if you can't even join Our site then you are definitely not worth Our time (Seriously, if you aren't even a paid member of Our site, how the FUCK do you expect us to take you seriously???)

Oh and lastly, most of Our shoots are in Las Vegas now.  So you will also need to be able to travel here if you want to be used and abused by us.

We want PAIN SLAVES!  That means you get BEATEN with whatever We want.  You get KICKED IN THE BALLS.  You get TRAMPLED IN HEELS.  You can wear a mask for this if you absolutely have to.  (Although We would prefer that you didn't.)   But We will want to HURT you!  

And to make sure you don't waste Our time, there WILL be a deposit required before you are scheduled.  If you take ALL Our abuse, you get your deposit $$$ back!  If you don't- We keep it.  (We are usually pretty fair about this.)

But one thing We do NOT need is more "footworship slaves"!!  Do you really think we need YOU to kiss our feet??  We can get ANYONE to do this!  Even non-"submissive" guys.  LOL.  BUUUT if you still REALLY want to kiss Our feet you will need to PAY for it!  (In other words, you will send a deposit and you will be in a video, but you will NOT get your deposit back!  PLUS you will need to bring more $ with you as a tribute in an amount of OUR choosing.)  Masks are NOT ok for this unless you pay Us MORE to let you wear one. 

If you want other fetishes that YOU are into- you will need to pay for them!  In other words, We are not here to fulfill YOUR fetishes for free, loser.  You want to be fucked up the ass with a strap-on?  The closest We will come to that is ramming a "fuckstick" (basically a modified broomstick) up your ass for Our videos.  And you will have to pay for that too.  LOL.  

You want to be "humiliated"?- then you can NOT wear a mask for this!!  You can NOT "humiliate" someone who is anonymous behind a mask!  (We get asked this a lot and it grows tiresome explaining to you stupid slaves that you cannot "humiliate" someone in a mask!!)

And lastly, we do not need crossdressers.

Hopefully that answers most of your questions before you write to Us about stuff We dont need.  Bottom line, if it is something that will make a GREAT video for US- it is free for you.  If it is something that YOU want and basically no one else will pay to watch it- then you will need to pay for that.  Clear enough?  

So if u want to stand there and let us kick u in the balls as hard as we want= FREE.   You want to wear a mask while u kiss our feet or have us walk on you in our bare feet without our stilettos on (booooring!) then u will need to PAY for that.  Make sense?  Good video = free for you.  Sh*tty video that YOU will like having done TO YOU but nobody else will care to watch = you need to pay.  In general, pain slaves are free and can wear masks.  Worship & humiliation slaves that DON'T need masks are free.  Any NON-pain slaves that DO need a mask = need to pay to be in videos.

<Sigh...> Hopefully that is clear!

"What happened to Princess/Goddess XYZ from 9 years ago?  I am just now getting around to finally maybe, kinda, possibly wanting to follow through with serving her or paying for a custom clip with her in it.."

Guess what, loser?  We all have LIVES.  (Unlike YOU.)  We are hot girls and guys beg for our attention everywhere we go.  Real men beg to go out with us, fuck us, give us their money- you name it.  Not to mention the REAL SLAVES we collect, who have MONEY and actually DO WHAT WE TELL THEM TO.  So basically we all collect hot boyfriends/husbands, rich name it.

So while you are fucking around like a total wimp and "thinking about" serving us, we are dating hot guys, getting in relationships, collecting rich slaves that are actually WORTHY of serving us and do WHAT WE SAY- and move on with Our incredible lives, so some of us dont need to make videos so much anymore and are behind the scenes now, directing clips an stuff like that.

HERE ARE SOME QUESTIONS FOR YOU:  What did YOU do to "keep Princess/Goddess XYZ" making new videos for you to jerk off to?  Are you a CURRENT, PAYING MEMBER of Our site???  Did you ever send her a tribute?  Did you buy anything off her wishlist?  Did you ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTE TO HER LIFE to convince her that she should keep making videos for you?  Or do you just selfishly sit on your ass and expect her to keep doing whatever YOU wanted (making clips) so that YOU can silently jerk off to them forever?   Did you think that sending some stupid free email with no tribute will "convince" her to talk to you?  Good luck with that...

And did you BUY all her clips or just watch them for free on some tube site somewhere?  Some of us have gotten so fed up with seeing our videos pirated and posted other places that they decided to stop making new content altogether.  After all, why make videos if idiots are just going to STEAL it and put it up for free somewhere? 

And to be honest, Our personal lives are really none of your business anyway.  But you idiots keep asking.

So our advice is that when you see a Mean Girl in a new video that you want to serve - who hasn't collected a bunch of dedicated, WELL-PAYING slaves already - you better get off your ass and send a TRIBUTE IMMEDIATELY.  Then schedule your trip here to serve her ASAP.  If you wait 5 years to do it, then it is your own damn fault.  And QUIT FREELOADING and REALLY SERVE!!!

"I am having problems after I try to download like a million videos within the first hour of joining Your site- what's going on?"

Ok, here's the deal- NO, We do NOT have a download limit.  However, that does NOT mean that you can be an asshole and try to literally download EVERY clip on Our site within the first 15 minutes of signing up, hogging Our bandwidth and fucking crash Our entire site for everyone else! When you go to an all-u-can-eat buffet do you saddle up to the buffet with a duffel bag and try to shovel the whole buffet it?? Then complain when the restaurant owner says "Hey buddy, leave some food for the rest of the customers".  (???)

You are allowed to download ONE clip at a time!!!  Do NOT USE DOWNLOADING "SOFTWARE"- that is bullshit that pirates do, and it will get you BANNED.  Watch the video you downloaded, and jerkoff to it or whatever. Then download the next one.  DO NOT BE A HOG.  After you download a BUNCH of videos, yes, your download speed may start to slow down a bit.  Why?  PROBABLY BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING A HOG AND TRYING TO DOWNLOAD 1000 VIDEOS ON YOUR 1ST DAY OF MEMBERSHIP.  And guess what?  The next day you will pretend like you "don't recognize that charge" for MMG on your credit card.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN HERE, LOSER. 

You can still download more videos- but TAKE YOUR TIME.  And you can still stream if the download time is starting to take too long.  Wow, you guys seriously act like you "need" 100 clips a day and jerk off 25 times to each of them.  But we all know what you are trying to do- you are trying to download the entire site in 1 day and then cancel your membership.  (NOT cool, btw!)  If you feel that 2000+ videos for like $30 a month isn't a good enough deal, and you want to rip US off- GO ELSEWHERE.

And when you write to us with this complaint- we know who you are.

YES.  Learn to READ, slave!!!  The 90-day subscription is NON-recurring! 

AND any 30 day subscription you buy can be cancelled the very next day- and you will still have access to the site until the 30 days is up! 

We get asked all the time "Do you girls do sessions?"

First of all, if you want to be taken seriously about this- JOIN OUR FUCKING SITE!!!!

Honestly, do you REALLY think that any of us will take you seriously about paying us for a "session" if you won't pay like 20 bucks to join Our site???  THINK about it, loser.  If you can't be "bothered" to put in the effort (and the $19) to join Our site, there is no way you are putting in the effort of traveling here and paying us what we will demand - and deserve - for allowing you in Our presence.  

So PROVE YOU ARE SERIOUS by joining first.  Otherwise, your messages will be ignored.

But yes, we do sessions- IF you are a member of Our site, follow Our instructions to the letter, travel here, and pay us enough.  We are not discussing it any further than that (like talking about specific costs an stuff) because that all just depends on what your fetishes are, whether you will allow it to be filmed, who its with, etc.

But we will tell you what we will NOT do-  We will NOT communicate back & forth with some loser that refuses to join Our site, playing 20 questions with you about your "fantasies" while you jerk off to it for free- and then in the end, you finally admit that you think we will come to your house in Timbuktu and do whatever you want for like $50.  Not gonna happen, loser.  Seriously, fucking go away and rot in your mommy's basement.  Or try Craigslist or something.  Good luck.


How Will The Charge Show Up On My Credit Card Statement?

It will NOT say the name of Our site.  It will simply be a very generic "MMG" on your credit card statement.  You can tell your wife whatever you want as far as what "MMG" stands for. wink

I am trying to "right-click" and save the photos, but it won't let me. 

Look, most of us are not "pornstars".  We are PRINCESSES.  And tbh, we don't want Our pics being shared all over.  So yeah, we don't want them downloaded.  But as long as you are a member of our site, you can log in AAAAANNYY time you want to and look at them.  If any of you REALLY want to have a pic of one of us, best option is send a gift off our wishlist or an amazon GC and then contact us directly or thru the site to beg for some pics to be sent to you for your own PERSONAL "use".  ;)

I used to belong to and now I can't find it.  I only find is it the same?  Did you change the name?

We simply changed the name of the site from "" to "" because most of us are no longer based in Miami.  (We are located in the Las Vegas area.)  The site still contains all of the same great clips of Us abusing Our slaves.  Plus, it now also contains all of Our POV clips as well!  (This was something that was not included in the old "MMG" site.)

"My credit/debit card got denied.  Do you take paypal or any other kind of payment?"

We do NOT take paypal!  We know the tricks you slaves play with that.  If you absolutely can NOT get a credit card that works, we will take an Amazon Giftcard sent to this address: and you can have a membership added for you manually.

But it will need to be a $100 GC and you will receive a 30-day streaming access only membership.  This increased charge is because it is a pain in the ass for us to do this.  And it is not Our fault that you cannot get a working credit card.  Plus, there is a chance that Verotel may have banned you for a REASON.  (Chargebacks, piracy, etc.)

So take it or leave it, slave.  And do not ask us a bunch of questions about it.  You will be ignored.  Send the GC up front- and you will get your membership.  Simple as that.  If you can't afford it, sorry.  Go get a working credit card like every other member.

We also offer Bitcoin as a payment option.  Bitcoin payments need to be processed manually. Send an email to for details. 

So you have downloaded the videos and they are not playing on your device in whatever player you are using by default.

First of all, do NOT try to download more than one clip at a time and do NOT use any "downloading software".  You will be blocked from doing this and end up getting a bunch of partial downloads.

Just download and watch one clip at a time- like a normal person.  Trying to ownload all the clips at once is like going to the buffet and trying to shovel all the foof into your mouth at the same time.  

Give each clip a minute or two to start downloading from Our server.  

And if the clip is downloaded and still not playing, try downloading/using VLC player to watch the clip.  (Found here: )

That usually solves the problem.

And if it still doesn't work, let us know.  (And when writing in with your issue, give us as much detail as possible about the error that you are receiving, the device you are using, internet speed, etc.)

Contact the company that processed your credit card transaction when you joined.  (Most likely, Verotel

Their direct email address is:

Provide them your:  Your Username for the site, and your subscription # (if you have it) and request that they cancel your recurring membership for AMG.  They will then happily cancel any future rebills for you.
We do not process credit card transactions ourselves here. (duh lol)

If you purchased the 90-day non-recurring membership you do not need to do this, as your membership will not be rebilled.



Are you fucking serious with this?  And believe it or not this is actually a pretty common question We get.  It usually goes something like this.  "Hi. I live in Alabama (or Poland or Iceland or whatEVER) and was wondering if you ever come here to film?  Or if you would ever be able to travel to me so I can be in your videos?"

Now seriously- do you seriously fucking think that a bunch of dominant women - fucking GODDESSES and PRINCESSES like US - are going to pack up all Our clothes and travel across the country (or world!) to YOU so that we can deliver your fetish/fantasy to your doorstep so that it is just sooo ultra super easy and convenient for YOU???  (Oh, and at OUR expense too, mind you- because you aren't going to pay for it of course..)

Seriously, what kind of "submissive" male expects to serve a Goddess- but yet he won't even put in the fucking effort of travelling to HER?  OMFG...  Think about it dumdum.  Once again, the answer is NO.  And you will need to send a significant deposit before We plan any shoots around you showing up here either.  (see other FAQs!)  

The ONLY exception to this would be if you paid Us a SHITT-TON of $$$ (and again, at least HALF of it paid ahead of time!) paid for Our airfare plus airfare of anyone We want to bring, send a picture of your photo ID on email ahead of time so We know who we are dealing with and can let someone here know where we are going and who We are seeing, AND pay for Our accommodations!  (We are not staying with YOU, loser- so yes, you will need to pay for Our hotel too!)  Now, if you can afford and are willing to do all THAT, then yes We will come to you.  LOL.

Sometimes you slaves write to Us when all your blood has left your brain and gone straight to your dick.  LOL.

I want to be a slave in real life to a Mean Girl!! How do I do this?

Most slaves are full of crap when they say this and waste Our time.  What they MEAN to say is "I want to talk about my fetishes to one of You while I jerk off on the other end of my computer and never actually DO anything for YOU in any way."  Not acceptable, in Our opinion!

So you wanna be a slave to one of Us?  SET YOURSELF APART AND PROVE YOURSELF! 


STEP #2:  Send Us an email with your member name and what you have to offer.

Most clips on Our C4S store are also on our Members Site.   And clips that are shared are usually released first on the clips store.  This is similar to how a when a new movie is released you go to see it in the theater (and pay a premium to do so) and then a few months later that same movie will come out on Netflix, Redbox, etc.  Clips4sale is like "going to the movies" to see something as soon as it comes out in the theater.   Our website is like waiting for it to come out on DVD.  (Which is much less expensive overall.)  

Bottomline is, if you really need to ask about this- don't join.  You are getting 1000s of clips on here for like $40.  If you don't think that's a good enough deal or will complain about 1 or 2 clips not being on here (or having to wait for them to be added) then we don't want you as a member.

Yes.  But we now ONLY do custom clips for current, paying members of Our site!  So JOIN FIRST if you want to even discuss a custom clip!  We are TIRED of having Our time wasted by idiots that just want to "discuss" their fantasy while they jerk off- only to find out later that they think they can have a 2-hour hardcore video with 10 Mean Girls in it for like $50. 

Speaking of payment, Customs may be paid for via either buying clips on the The Mean Girls Clip Store or via an Amazon Giftcard.  The cost varies based upon the content of the clip.  But Custom clips start in the $300-$500 range for a basic clip with just ONE of us in it!   And yours may be more if you want something really crazy or difficult or requiring props, etc...  Use the contact page to inquire about more details- and provide your username up front so we can look you up.

And sorry if you cannot afford that.  Trust us, it costs us WAY more than that to make a custom clip due to our time, effort, and the fact that a clip that YOU may like- will probably not appeal to others.  (Which is why you are having to request it!  If a bunch of people wanted it, we would have probably already made it LOL.)  You will just need to keep watching the clips WE decide to make for the majority of Our fans if you cannot afford to "direct" your own clip.

Keep in mind that it is a PRIVILEGE to be able to "direct" one of Our clips!  And $300 is actually a small price to pay for that privilege.  Also, we know that many other sites don't even DO custom clips anymore- because quite honestly, most of you waste Our time with endless questions, complain about the cost, or ask for stuff that is just plain impossible to do. 

We are only keeping this custom option open because every once in awhile we get a decent idea from a respectful fan who actually understands that they need to pay for a clip to be made exactly the way THEY want it to be made.  Although we are still thinking about following the route of other sites and just not doing them (customs) anymore at all.  (Keep that in mind before you write to us requesting a 30-minute clip with 6 girls in it doing 10 different fetishes- for $50 LOL)