Slave Videos

Slave Wannabe- A Real Turkey

Wow. OK, so this is another loser that wrote in to us saying he would do "anything" to serve us as our slave and he could handle "anything" we wanted to do to him. Let's just say that didn't end up anywhereclose to being true. Anyways, this clip is just his initial interview as he kneels before Princess Chanel and Superior Goddess Brooke. They ask him some questions but the idiot foreigner barely speaks English. (He is from Turkey or some ?) Oh and btw, he STINKS too!In Our Mean-Girl opinion, he needs to be deported- like NOW. Just forstinking so bad. Right after we filmed this interview we actually dragged him out back of Mean Girl Manor and hosed him down- no joke. Like the an1mmall that he is. (We filmed that too- but it is a separate clip.)

So watch this clip if you want to see what it's like to come to Mean Girl Manor for the first time, kneel before us, and beg to apply for slavery. Brooke totally demoralizes and mocks this loser- and that is worth the price of the clip by itself lol.

Princess Bella

Blind Man Ballbust

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" thathas been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all theirwriteups from now on because they shouldnt have to do their own writeups.This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am towatch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip froma slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to maketheir purchase.***

Princess Beverly and Princess Bella laugh at the naked slave standing helplessly before them. They both think its funny how they are always finding new and fucked up ways to abuse their slaves. In this case the slave is wearing a blindfold and has a spreader bar around his ankles forcing his legs far apart and leaving him completely vulnerable. Princess Beverly waves her hand in front of the slaves face to test the blindfold. Its obvious he cant see anything. Princess Bella taunts the slave by telling him he has no idea whats coming next just before delivering a powerful kick directly to slaves defenseless balls. The slave doubles over in pain having had no idea the kick was coming. Princess Beverly asks the slave if he is scared and he admits hes afraid because he has no idea whats going to happen to him. Princess Bella kicks him in the balls again from the front then Princess Beverly kicks him in the balls from behind. They continue to just walk around circling the slave and randomly kicking him in the balls from all different directions. The slave is in a lot of pain from the kicks to his balls but is helpless to stop the assault. He cant even prepare for the next kick or brace himself for the pain because he cant ever see it coming.

This is a great clip you can tell both Princess Bella and Princess Beverly are really enjoying themselves. They are having a blast kicking a slave in the balls whenever he least expects it. And you can tell the slave really cant see it coming as he keeps desperately reaching out with his arms in all directions trying to get some sense of his surroundings. I do feel kind of bad for the slave though because if I had to take all those hard ball kicks Id at least want to be able to look at the Princess Bella and Princess Beverly for some motivation to take the pain. This poor slave is kicked until he is collapsed on the floor crying in pain and he doesnt even get to see his beautiful tormentors! Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give this one a "10 for being a perfect example of Mean Girls using a slave for their own entertainment.

Sent To The Motivational Mistress

You know what happens to bad slaves that don't do what they're told?They're sent to ME for motivational training, that's what. AND ITS NOT EASY !Princess Cindi is having problems with her dumb slave and she doesn't want to waste her precious time dealing with his lazy ass, so I'm called into to fix it. The slave has been having a bad attitude lately. He's getting too comfortable with the daily routine of cleaning and cooking. He's starting to cut corners, giving less and less tribute... and has just been an overall fucktard.

So I'm a specialist who concentrates her attention on motivating slaves to get back on track; that's what I do around here. I give the slave a list of things to do and every time I don't like something about him I give him a whip with my riding crop. Sometimes just because he smells bad. Eww. I get so fed up with this one I make him become my pony and ride me to the mall and take me shopping. If he does a good job I may be able to send him back to Cindi. But, then again, you can only expect so much from losers like this. LOL!

Goddess Raven

Mean Girl '77

Superior Goddess Brooke loves everything about the 70s; disco music, TV re-runs, taking hostages... all of it! The Mean Girls often sit around and watch old 70's TV shows on cable. One day Superior Goddess Brooke gets a serious blast from the past after watching an old episode of Happy Days Richie tells Potsie to sit on it and The Mean Girls get a devilish idea.They can literally sit on their slaves face for their own amusement.That's right! The slave gets an old school smothering just to make the poor loser suffer. Can You Dig It?

All She Wants To Do Is Dance On Balls

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their write ups from now on because they shouldn't have to do their own write ups.This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley test out the new mean girl dance floor made special to crush the cock and balls of their slaves. The slave is kneeling helplessly with his hands cuffed behind his back. His cock and balls are trapped. Completely crushed between the bottom of the platform and the piece of plexiglass that makes up the floor of the Mean Girl dance stage.As Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley dance across the stage, the slaves balls are literally being crushed.Flattened from the combined weight of two mean girls standing on the platform. Because the dance floor is see-through, both Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley enjoy looking down and seeing the slaves balls flattened beneath their high heels. They even comment that they look like fried eggs!

Because of size of the dance stage the amount of pressure on the slaves balls will vary based on where the Goddesses step as they dance above the slave. Whenever they step in various spots on the stage closer to where the slaves cock and balls are trapped underneath the slave howls out in even greater pain. The first song comes to and end and I bet the slave was hoping that might be it, but nope! Another song comes on and then another after that and they just keep on dancing totally forgetting that they are crushing the slaves nuts. This clip is another brilliant idea by the Mean Girls! The dance stage will be perfect entertainment for summer parties. The only thing that would make it even better would be to have multiple slaves lined up all around the entire dance floor! Overall, on a"slave scale" of 1-10, I give it an "8.5."

Chastity Beatings Forever

So I told this new loser house slave we got at Mean Girl Manor that he could get let out of chastity if he takes a nice, full caning session Princess Carmela style. But if he DARES to ask me to stop before its over, then he has to stay in chastity for another month- or until the next time I decide to beat him. (but probably sometime next month.) Its so funny because I have already done this to him a few times. So he has been locked in that for like 3 months now I think?) And I make it a point to NEVER tell him how long the beating is going to go on, so he has NO idea when Im going to stop.

But what he doesnt know is that I will NEVER stop beating him until he begs for mercy! Haha! Hes so stupid that each time I break him and whisper in his ear that if he had just taken it a liiiittle bit longer for me that I would have given him a release, he actually believes it! HAHAHA. I wonder how far I can push him each month? After all, he will just get more and more desperate to cum as the months go on- and then the beatings will get more & more entertaining for ME! Im having so much fun with this little game that I dont think I will EVER let him out

Princess Carmela

Mindfucked to Hate Butts

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" thathas been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all theirwriteups from now on because they shouldnt have to do their own writeups.This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am towatch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip froma slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to maketheir purchase.***

Princess Bella is always looking for ways to increase her control over the house slaves. She recently mastered the skill of and is now using it to brainwash the slaves. This slave was caught staring at the Mean Girls assess without permission so Princess Bella has brainwashed him into hating butts. Now even the thought of a girl shaking her butt at him is enough to cause the slave mental anguish and pain. Princess Carmela wants to test out how well the brainwashing has worked. She thinks its great that she can torture the slave all she wants just by sitting on his face and cant wait to make him suffer. Despite the fact that he is now terrified of girls butts, with his head strapped to the bench face up, there is nothing he can do to prevent Princess Carmela from sitting on his face!

Princess Carmela sits on the slaves face and she can tell right away that the brainwashing is clearly working! The slave is begging and trying to buck Princess Carmela off his face but there is nothing he can do as she continues using his face as her seat cushion. Princess Beverly is watching the demonstration and is amazed at the powerful skills of Princess Bella. She knows that any other man not brainwashed would be loving this as Princess Carmela has such a great ass! Princess Beverly enjoys watching the slave gasp for air as he is smothered under the full weight of Princess Carmelas butt. She kicks the slave and spits on him and wonders if he has stopped breathing? Uh oh! I dont see his chest moving anymore! Do we need to bury another slave in the back yard?


This is a great face sitting and ass smothering clip. Princess Carmelas ass looks amazing! The slave is literally gasping for air and smothered until ! You can see from his blue lips and how purple his face is that they almost him! But what a way to ! Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it a "9."

Utterly Humiliated At Lunch

It time for our snack and another opportunity to emotionally abuse are slave with humiliating acts. I even decided to film the whole thing and post it on the internet so he can be embarrassed by this forever and ever. Anyway, moving on, we chew up the carrots in our mouths and spit it on the floor and make our slave lick it off the floor like an . Princess Chanel and I take turns dropping stuff on floor, grinding it into the floor with our sexy high heels and making the slave eat it. This slave is so scrawny and weak obviously he has missed too many meals but that's not our problem. Like we NEVER feed him so he is lucky we want to play games today. Then we shove the slave's face away with our feet,tell him to "bow down" to them while we finish our meal...

Princess Kianna

The Most Degrading Foot Pictures We Can Take

How can me and Goddess Nikkole really take the most degrading pictures of a foot fetish fan and turn his fear of being exposed up to the max??? Well we make him crawl into the room with a blind fold and have him pucker up and try to find the feet as we drag him around the room on a leash. Those are some pretty degrading pics but there is nothing like the classic foot gagging pics so we can post that everywhere.

Princess Carmela

Foot Worship Treat

After letting this loser lick the dirt off our shoes, we decide to REALLY make his day- we let him take our shoes off (after an appropriate amount of BEGGING!) and allow him the HONOR of licking the sweat off of me n Bella's gorgeous feet. Need we say more? We even shove BOTH of our feet in his mouth at the same time at one point! Pig. LOL

-Princess Beverly


Reprogrammed Gay


A slave is handcuffed to a chair naked, with his wrists & ankle scuffed to the chair, wearing only a high-voltage ball shocker strapped tightly to his tender, vulnerable balls. Princess Bella has decided that this slave needs to be "reprogrammed" to be gay. That way she can pimp it out and use it to make more $$$ for her! She laughs in the slaves face that she has "ways" of reprogramming slave's brains- she can even reprogram their sexuality if she feels like it. The slave BEGS her not to. He does NOT want to be gay! He is afraid of Princess Bella. She laughs that he has no choice- and then shoves a penis gag into his mouth and STRAPS it on his TIGHT so no one will here his screams. Then she explains her diabolical plan...

Princess Bella looks her helpless slave right in the eyes and taunts him with the ballshocker remote control she is holding in her delicate little hand...she sadistically LAUGHS about the high voltage she is going to be sending coursing through his little slave testicles with just a simple push of a button. She explains that she plans on using a brainwashing video reel to MAKE the slave like cock- whether he wants to or not. (She laughs that this will end with either the slave LIKING and WANTING cock- or IT'S cock getting FRIED!)

She begins playing the video on the screen in front of the chained slave...picture after picture of BIG COCKS scroll by on the screen-nothing. Suddenly, there is a picture of a hot girl that pops up, and-ZAPPP!!!! Princess lays on the JUICE!! The slave screams and writhes in pain. This is done over and over again....every time a picture of a hot girl appears, Princess ZAPS HIS BALLS with the max voltage!! When pictures of cock appear, it actually provides a welcome relief for the slave. Princess verbally torments the slave and explains that she can take this "training" of hers as far as likes. With enough time and voltage, she can basically make him do ANYTHING. And it is actually FUN for her. She starts laughing in his face about how his "holes"should be "open for business in no time" based upon his reaction so far...If the slave tries to look away from screen, Princess grabs him by the hair and FORCES him to keep watching the screen! He NEEDS to be reprogrammed for HER maximum income potential!

*This is princess Bella writing. I LOVED doing this clip.It was fucking HILARIOUS. Especially when I REALLY cranked up the "juice"to a LEVEL 15 and made the slave literally flail around in the chair like a fish! Haha! He was actually DROOLING through his cock-gag from the pain at one point. LOL! He really WAS legitimately BEGGING for cock by the end of this clip! It was awesome!! :)

-Princess Bella

Jerking Sissy Punishment

What was this loser doing? Is this slave stroking its cock? And you're dressed like a whore? Jacking his little shrimp dick in our bathroom?That's fucking disgusting! Ewww! I think this slave needs to be punished for being such a pervert. This slave is going to learn ifit wants to be a whore, we will teach it to be a whore...

Now that it's been revealed to us all at the manor how much this sissy bitch wants to be a cock-sucking whore, I think I shame it like the slut it clearly wants to be. I slap its face and drag it around by it's leash. On camera I force this slut-slave to admit how much it wants to be suck dick.Just what this slut will do for some big fat cock. Full fledged humiliation is just the beginning of what we have in store for this whore.

Princess Carmela

Slap Competition Chanel Vs Kianna

If there's one thing The Mean Girls are good at, its the art of out-doing each other. Me and Princess Chanel are bitch slapping our slaves for bragging rights. After an intense warm up period where the slaves are slapped silly the real competition is ready to start.We take turns slapping our kneeling slaves to see who can get the hardest slap in. We both have a good laugh thinking about what losers these guys are to let themselves be abused like this. These slaves know the only way to even be in the same room with beautiful princesses like us, they must be willing to take a beating with a lot of humiliation to go with it. They even keep asking to get hit harder and harder so they can be of some use as they know they are nothing but worthless property. It's always hard to judge who the winner is, but a good online slave will know to send a nice fat GC to the Princess that slapped the best.

Princess Kianna

You Really Are A Loser

I'm hot and I know it. I have this loser that's so desperate to be around me he'll literally make out with my feet just to be in my presence.He's been telling me for years that he's a foot fetish freak but I figured out that wasn't true at all. Actually, he was such a desperate loser. He just takes literally anything he can get...even if it's my dirty feet. So I decided to humiliate him in this clip. I know he doesn't like feet, so I made him lick mine and admit that the only does it because he sooo obsessed with me. Haha!! LOSER! I even gave my BF a foot job right before this and he came all over these same feet. This loser slave is so desperate for me that it doesn't even phase him. He just continues to make out with my feet and take my verbal abuse!!

-Goddess Raven

Violent Pastry

What the fuck is this? Did one of OUR REAL LIFE SLAVES think he could get away with eating a donut? He's so fat. If he wants his donut so bad maybe he can lick it off the bottom of my shoes. Let's see if my soles taste chocolaty. What a foul ass fat person.

From now on this slave is going to live on dirt. Just like a piggy we put a snout on him and degrade him as the worthless fat slave he really is.I become his sustenance. By the time I'm done with him, he is begging for more, and to make sure he isn't such a fat-ass we make sure we are the only ones able to stick anything in his mouth.

-Princess Ashley

Human Shoe Stage - Close Up Cam

To Buy this clip in wide Angle go here Human Shoe Stage - Wide Angle (1080 HD)

If your know anything about The Mean Girls you know that we get tons of new shoes. Almost everyday a new pair of shoes come in and we need to know what looks good with what. So we have a special catwalk slave to model onto see if how hot we are in our new shoes. We stand on him with our sharp pointy heels and give each other fashion advice so we always look our best. Our catwalk slave better not move or say anything or he gets totally punished. This is our time loser, not yours!

Princess Carmela

His Wife Wanted His Nuts Destroyed By Us

So this slaves wife caught him watching our videos so she sent him here to Mean Girl Manor to get a taste of the pain that he has been jerking off to. The wife wrote us an email and really wanted us to kick is balls in so hard that he would basically be castrated, LOL!

We cuffed his hands and put the leg spreader bar on him to make sure he got hard kicks. He sounds like such a loser each time his nuts get kicked! Ohhh, OHHH No, haha! Its too bad the red stuff started flowing from his cock and balls at the end, LOL! But thats what he signed up for!

Princess Bella and Princess Beverly

Caning Chore Chart- Episode 5: Princess Carmela

This stupid slave has been waiting around for A MONTH to be caned by me.A CANING UNLIKE ANY OTHER is coming. Some of you might be wondering why we have a Caning Chore Chart. When Princess Beverly walks by with her slave on leash instill fear into it with the thrashing I give. Let this be a lesson to all you would-be slaves, we are real, and we really break men.

This slave is beaten sooo hard that we ACTUALLY BREAK FURNITURE AND IMPLEMENTS. You won't believe the waste we lay to its body. By the time it is quivering mass of a flesh, sobbing and broken.

THIS CLIP IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU FAINT-HEARTED BETABITCHES. What you are seeing is 100%- the suffering, the marks,the destruction I cause. One thing is for sure, I set a new bar for brutality here at Mean Girl Manor.

Princess Carmela

Love Letters From Losers Are Gross

This was SO funny. One of the fat, ugly loser house slaves that serves me at Mean Girl Manor (I don't even know its name) approached me while I was sitting on the Mean Girl throne and begged permission to speak. Can you believe this fat slob had the AUDACITY to profess his "love" for me!I fucking LAUGH IN HIS FACE. I literally make him look me right in the eyes so I can stare directly into his poor, pathetic soul as I tell him he REPULSES me!

I can't believe that this idiot actually thought that it could be anything more to me than a SLAVE. I tell him that there are BUGGS that I STEP on that mean more to me than he does! I tell him that he is fucking LUCKY just to be a SLAVE for a woman as hot as ME!! Well trust me, after this experience- it will never get any "ideas" like this again LOL.

It really does amaze me that I could treat someone THIS badly day-in and day-out and yet it STILL falls completely in love with me. I mean, I know I'm HOT and all, but...seriously? Men are so pathetic. And honestly, this happens to us all the time. We treat these idiots like absolute SH**TT and yet they STILL fall in love with us! HAHAHAH!!!! We think it's fucking hilarious.

You need to watch this video to see how truly emotionally cruel I can be. We beat this fat fuck all the time but I think THIS was the most painful thing he has ever experienced!LOL

Superior Goddess Brooke

Showing Princess Kianna Ballbusting

Things don't always go as planned around the Mean Girl Manor. Accidents DO happen. We had this one slave all prepped and ready for a ball busting. But it sustained a fucking injury after two only 2 kicks! (ARGH! Not NEARLY enough for a full video!!)He needed medical attention so we got his dumb ass out of there,and called in a backup ball kicking slave. By this time we were tired of waiting, and so ready to destroy some nuts for real. Princess C. was there to film and to judge the ball kicks on a scale from 1 to 10 cuz me and Princess Kianna are new and may not kick good enough yet I guess. It was Princess Kianna's first ever Ballbusting so we wanted to make sure she had a good slave to take a pounding to its nuts. It was funny because she kept going and going. It's hard to believe that there are pathetic losers that we can just USE as slaves and they will just stand there and take it until we are satisfied...

Princess Chanel