Slave Videos

Human Furniture Abuse

We all like to sit around Mean Girl Manor watching our fav reality shows. Sometimes we get really into it. So much so that sometimes we just want to kick something. That's why its always good to have a slave there to act as our human footstool so we have something to kick and take our frustrations out on. When we find out "who cheated on who" n stuff, we get so emotional the we punch and kick our human foot stool. Haha. And if it he moves, we just kick it harder for being a bad foot stool. LOL.

Me n Brooke are like really mean to this one. We even play mental games with it at one point, commanding it not to talk ("cuz furniture doesn't talk!") but then we keep talking to it- just trying to get it to talk back to us so we can beat it some more! Haha it is so much fun to command losers to be furniture for us at Mean Girl Manor literally all fucking day long (or sometimes even for a whole weekend!) and then just torture and abuse it the whole time...and it has to just TAKE it for as long as we want...

It's pretty pathetic though. You are so low and insignificant and SUCH a loser in life that just to be around girls as hot as me n Brooke you are willing to be literally used as nothing more than furniture. So we guess if that's the case, then you deserve to be treated like sht.

Princess Bella

Caning Chore Chart- Episode 4: Princess Beverly

Well, I am in a hurry to go out but I cant leave before I do my chores which is beating this slaves ass with a cane! I think I did the most damage to this slaves ass, beyond what the other girls have done to him, haha! The look on his face as he screams is just precious!

Princess Beverly

Pathetic Foot Sucker

My slave is ordered to crawl over on his knees and remove my shoes to worship my feet. I make him listen to me humiliate him as he is forced to kiss my toes and thank me. He doesnt even deserve to breathe the same air as me. I give him an additional insult as I use his tongue as a foot wipe, LOL! I dis miss this loser and order him to lick all my shoes before I put him back in the cage.

This clip contains my email address.

Princess Bella

Lunch Is On You

About every week or so we have some loser slaves come to The Mean Girl Manor and clean the house. Needless to say the slave better do a perfect job or they're going to be lots of trouble. Sometimes me and Princess Carmela like to tease and torment the slave while he is supposed to be working. We even like to spit food on the floor and step in it so the slave has to re-clean everything. But where we have the most fun is making the slave eat off the bottom of our shoes. We take every opportunity to mess with our slaves even during lunch time. Also I should mention that being environmentally friendly is important to us so we only let our slave use one square of a paper towel. So if he cant clean it up with that, he has to lick up the mess and eat it. We don't stop bossing him around till the floor is so clean the slave can see his face in it.

Goddess Nina

Kick The Smelly Plumber

Like what good is a slave if he can't fix stuff? It's bad enough we let these pathetic losers in to the house... But like doing dishes and laundry is one thing, but we need slave that can fix stuff when things break. So we made our slave unclog the drain in the kitchen.Eww like he started to sweat and he got really stinky and it was so gross we just wanted him to finish and get out of there. So just tore mind him to hurry up we decide to kick him in the nuts while he fixed our pipes. Every time me and Princess Chanel get impatient which is all the time lol, we would remind him to hurry up with a good hard kick in the nuts that should keep him on task. Even when he was finished we wanted to remind him to mind what we say. So he gave him some more kicks to keep him in line. Holy fuck he stinks gross.

Princess Kianna

Mean Girl Pool Party

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor.  I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

The Mean Girls are having a pool party so they have multiple slaves lined up ready to serve them at their beck and call. Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, and Princess Carmela, are all at the pool party and look so hot lounging around in their bikinis. Princess Beverly is getting a foot massage from two slaves at once one to work each foot. Another slave can be seen in the background working as a pool-boy skimming the pool to keep it clean. There is a slave busy fanning them with a palm leaf and yet another slave kneeling with a serving tray of cold drinks and snacks. As the slaves tend to their every need they all comment about how much they love being Mean Girls and using slaves and how they want even more slaves. All the Princesses lives are amazing and losers were meant to serve them.

This is a really long clip almost a full hour long of the Princesses just using the slaves while they relax poolside. There’s not any scripted action it’s just super-hot girls naturally using losers in a way that is just another typical day at Mean Girl Manor. For example, the slaves give really long foot massages while they are completely ignored so there is no playing to the slave’s fetishes at all. The Princesses are free to use the slaves or ignore the slaves however they want. There’s not always a ton of action but I like the fact that you get to see how the girls use slaves in an everyday way. It’s an extended look at the lifestyle of a Mean Girl. Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it an "8."

Kick Contest: Winner By Decision

So me and Goddess Brooke decide to have a Ballkicking Contest using this ballkicking slave that we keep around the Manor. Apparently some of the other girls have really busted his balls good. And We both want some practice on Our ballkicking skills. Unfortunately, to be honest, this probably wasn't the best ballkicking video we have ever done cuz the slave kept moving and we kept missing its stupid balls. So we try to get the loser from both sides, with one of us kicking from the front, and the other kicking from behind (so the slave doesn't know where it's coming from)... but even that doesn't seem to do the trick because the loser's things keep getting in the way. FINALLY, at the end I get in a really good one and he goes down. But like seriously, to be honest, it wasn't that great. We decided that I "won" more on like a "split decision" or something because we didn't cause as much destruction as we would have liked. (But don't worry, we make up for it later with this slave haha.)

Princess Bella

New Ballbusting App Only For iPhone

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor.  I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

The Mean Girls invented a new iPhone app that gives them detailed data about their ballbusting. It gives them real time information about the speed, force, and accuracy of their kicks to help make them into even better ballbusters. The Mean Girls are already world class ballbusters but this app will take them to a new level. Princess Beverly is testing a beta version of the app to see if it is working properly. The slave is their guinea pig for the experiment. Princess Beverly kicks the slave in the balls several times from the front and then from behind. The app analyzes both the front and rear kicks and determines the rear kick are landing with greater force. Princess Beverly asks the slave which was more painful and he admits the kicks from behind are more painful thereby confirming the app is working properly. Princess Beverly continues to gather ballbusting data by kicking the slave in the balls from different positions and different angles. With the help of the app the Mean Girls now know exactly how to land kicks that will consistently register as 10 out of 10 on the pain level scale. This is such a great idea I hope the app becomes a top seller and makes the Mean Girls a lot of money. Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it an "8.5."

***NOTE FROM PRINCESS BEVERLY: The APP we are using in this clip is for iPhones only because that is all us Mean Girls use, really. But just to be clear, the CLIP is a "normal" clip format that can be viewed on anything! (Any phone, computer, or whatev.)

Sadistic New Society

***This was a custom clip from a member of our website***


Shortly after the election of Hillary Clinton, the United States has now become a female-dominated society and all men at the age of 18 have to become slaves to whatever woman they are assigned to. But before they are given away into slavery, they have to be sent to an educational institute for compulsory training to turn them into the best slave possible for whatever woman they will be given to. The Mean Girl Manor is one of these institutes. Poor performance reported from the female trainers during its training will result in lifelong imprisonment by law!


This particular male was sent to the mean girl manor for his compulsory training. Unfortunately, he is still un-accepting of his lowly status and had the audacity to complain about the new "male slavery" laws in the United States and what “that bitch Hillary” has done to all males in the USA. Well this is obviously not tolerated at Mean Girl Manor and warrants a severe and sadistic punishment!

The slave is made to kneel outside on hard concrete under the blistering hot sun. In addition, he is made to hold a heavy sand bag above his head while kneeling, with both his arms fully raised to support the sand bag. In this painful position, he is going to receive 200 lashes from his beautiful but power-hungry & cruel female trainer, Princess Beverly. (She LOVES the new laws against males!) This is a horrible punishment, as the slave is suffering is 3 ways: his knees hurting from prolonged kneeling; his arms tiring from holding the sandbag above his head; and finally pain from the whip.

The princess is in a sadistic mood today (after the slave complained), and decided that every time the slave fails to maintain the proper position (failing to kneel upright due to painful knees or failing to keep his tiring arms fully raised), she will restart the whip-count to ZERO.

Throughout the punishment, she will taunt/threaten the slave that she has the authority to send him to lifelong imprisonment if she is not happy with his performance. The slave will be exhausted and broken by the end of his ordeal and will be begging for mercy!!

At the end, the princess decides to grant mercy- with a cruel twist of course. She will stop whipping the slave after 199 lashes, and casually relax in the shade while sipping champagne- but she just keeps the slave in this horrible uncomfortable position and he has to WAIT in agony for his last & final lashing! (But at least she isn't beating him at the moment, right? So "kind" of her...) She will enjoy the slave's predicament, knowing full well that eventually the slave will succumb to they've sandbag's weight and will drop it due to exhaustion...and the whipping count will start at ZERO again!

How the slave will have wished he wasn't rude in the first place...

High Heels Tease Your Cage

My slave is not allowed to have any sexual satisfaction of any kind! He is allowed however to feel my high heels digging into his caged dicklette. After he puts my sexy shoes back on I put him in position for my next task. I give my new slave (in training) a chastity inspection and a brief interview on how long he should be locked up for. Hes one of these self-locking freaks thats begging me to keep him under LOCK AND KEY. I dont even know if Ill even accept his key first, Ill have to see if he is worthy of that HONOR. I then poke and stab his exposed ball with my sharp STILETTO HEELS. Its the only part of his genitals exposed so you know Im going to torture the fuck out of them. I just have this gut feeling he wants to give me more money so I press him both literally and mentally with my sexy high heels shoes to his nuts, that should make him pay up. He is turning into quite the pathetic obedient slave I want him to be, LOL.

Queen Kasey

Caning Chore Chart- Episode 3: Princess Bella

UGH. Well it's my turn (Princess Bella) to beat the slave. Each week we have a Mean Girl beat the house slave to build up its pain tolerance and keep it in complete fear of us so it ALWAYS obeys orders- no matter what. And yes, even though I am running sht around here now, even I have to do my chores! And this slave really needs a lot of discipline to keep him in line. He needs to be constantly reminded that each of us individually can beat his ass anytime time we fucking feel like it. He needs to know that he is NOTHING and that ANY Mean Girl at any given time can take complete ownership of him. So Superior Goddess Brooke was hanging out with me as I dole out his punishment- and remind him what a "nothing" he is in life while I hit him with the house cane over, and over, and over again...

Oh, and I TOTALLY let him have it too! I am like seriously hitting him with everything I've got. (I found out later that I guess you don't really have to hit very hard to make these cane things hurt like hell? Oh well, I don't really give a sht. It's just a SLAVE and I OWN it, so...whatev. We keep this loser literally chained to the caning bench like for weeks at a time sometimes. We don't give a fuck. And it just gets beaten over and over and over... That must be really painful, huh? LOL.

The best part for me was when Brooke put a PIG-SNOUT on the fat loser's FACE and made it snort like a PIGGG for us as I was cracking it on the ass with the cane!! HAHAHA!!!! And watching Brooke laugh in its face as it was like squirming around in agony and OINKING for us as I beat it...OMG it was fucking HILARIOUS! Such fun entertainment!! It was lucky to even be beaten by us though. Cuz me and Brooke were talking about it afterward and we are so fucking hot, these losers could never be around us any other way- and they fucking know it too. They are LUCKY just to suffer for our fucking entertainment!

Dawg Food Spit And Ashes

This slave was put outside for the day in his dawg cage while I was filming. You might see this outfit that I am wearing in some other clips. I came outside and saw that the tried to get away with not eating the Dawg Food. It was REAL Dawg food, by the way. So I dragged him outside the cage and made him eat it mixed with my spit and cigarette ashes. He got the extreme pleasure of eating some of this mixture off the bottom of my boots too! As a special treat I put my cigarette out on his tongue and the tossed the butt in with his food to eat all up!

Princess Beverly

Tardy Testical Justice

For those that love realism, this ballbusting clip is for you. It turns out this slave has flakes on both of us at different times in the past and now that we have him here together we make this one personal! He obviously doesnt give a hoot about our time so why should we care how long his balls take to recover? If the ever recover!

This slave is obsessed with Princess Carmela in real life because he knows how hard she kicks and that she really doesnt care about hurting people. The fact that she is the one that he flaked on is just ironic.

Goddess Nikkole

Get In Here Office Boy

I was the top office assistant in the firm, that was until my creepy boss got caught trying to worship my gorgeous feet, what a disgusting pig! Well, I decided to do something about it. So I decided to set him up by recording on my cell phone his creepy foot worship habits. Now I got him by the balls and the tables have turned, IM THE BOSS NOW. I gave my former boss the new title of BOY and made him my personal office slave bitch. I totally humiliated him in front of all his work associates and trashed his reputation to everyone. From this day on word he cant even look his offices mates in the eye out of the pure humiliation I put him through. His new job is kissing and licking of my feet FULLTIME. I even make him work naked and his has to explain to everyone in the place how he is just my LITTLE FOOT BITCH. Things have really changed here around the office a lot and all the men are really careful not to cross me as they should be!

Superior Goddess Brooke

Make Him Cry For $1000

During this clip I am going to beat this slave and I have a customer that payed me to really hurt him badly as a custom video request. I will get up to $1000 bonus depending on how badly I hurt him. I go through 3 different whips and really make him cry like a broken pain slave, haha! Watch me in a hot latex dress whipping him and laughing about it, especially when I know it was a really good shot, LOL! He knows $1000 is on the line for me so agreed to sit there and be nothing but a degraded whipping boy for a video! I am sure that turned him on in the beginning but he left a shredded piece of meat, LOL!

Princess Bella

Kick Contest 2 Carmela VS Nikkole

The first ballbusting contest was with me ( Princess Carmela and Goddess Jass) and was a super popular clip. This is the second episode with me and Goddess Nikkole competing for the title! What people may not know is that the first episode was my first ballbusting video EVER! I guess Im a natural and I am eager to retain my title!

If you guys want to see this be a real series we can start incorporating a belt and trophy too haha! Lets see your support for this contest. I hope you enjoy the slo-mo replays of the best ball destroying kicks, just like a real sporting event on TV. The kick from behind is especially devastating, haha!

Princess Carmela

Tutored In Trampling

Superior Goddess Brooke is really a great girl. Up till now she has been a lone wolf mean girl her whole life but shes fitting into the Mean Girl Manor like hand and glove. Today I found out she has never walked on a man well I mean she walks over men all the time but not like we do, we LITERALLY walk on men with our sharp pointy heels LOL. We have the perfect slave to do it on too. He has been fucking up all day and everyone here is really pissed at him so he is the perfect guinea pig to torture. Its always a lot more fun when we find a slave that really deserves it. So we get to it and take turns standing on this scrawny runt. We he is in total agony and looking like he cant take anymore we tell him exactly what we think of him and bombard him with verbal humiliation. Brooke is taking to this like fish to water I love her meanness so much Im sure we will be the greatest of BFF s.

And the best part is, this is slave is like a teeny-tiny little "man". And Superior Goddess Brooke is pretty much an Amazon Goddess at almost 6 feet tall. So poooor slave...LOL! NOT! Oh, and did I mention I am wearing my needle-thin Jimmy Choo stiletto heels?? Oh yeah, we had some fun on this loser...and he could NOT take it...

The Death Scenes


Beverly needs important files from the secret agent man sitting across from her. Her cold heart will stop at nothing to get it, even if she has to do him in. She roughs him up with a few hard face slaps and then gives him toxic champagne to coerce him into giving up all his secrets. Agent Beverly is one of the most ruthless and lethal assassins working for the organization, no man to date has been able to stand in her way, and this loser looks like he's no exception. He begs for his life willing to give any information if she will just allow him to live another day.

Too Stupid To Be A Foot Slave

My slave is such a fool. Sometimes I have to demote my slave to find something he can do right. This one is isn't competent enough to be a bed rug. I'm sending him back to the beginning of his training. To entry-level foot training! I won him at a work Christmas party last year. Everyone thought it was a joke but I really kept him as a slave that lives in my closet and does whatever I tell him to do. He is so pathetic that the best he can hope for is to be at my beck and call as my servant. The only thing I can find for him to do without fucking up is to kiss my feet, LOL. I just wish I won a smarter slave. This one it borderline retarded, OMG.

Princess Adriana

Unplanned Human Ashtray

This is a real thing that happened when Princess Kianna took a well-deserved smoke break between shooting clips. Princess C just decided to turn on the camera and film whatever happens. We always keep a production slave available to do our bidding on the set. Like get us drinks and that kind of stuff. Anyway, Princess Kianna is smoking and there is no ashtray to be seen, so we call in our PA slave to fill in as a human ashtray during this smoking scene. He is such a desperate loser he eagerly volunteers to fill in as an ashtray. Across the yard you can even see another slave catering to Princess Chanel as she takes a break too. This is a great behind the scenes type of clip to see what its really like to be around the Mean Girl Manor day-in and day-out.