Mean Girls

Princess Hannah
Hi I'm Princess Hannah.  I'm totally new to this but I LOVE it!  I think its great that so
Goddess Reign
I just turned 18 and joined American Mean Girls!  This is like SO much fun!!  Like you jus
Goddess Venus
Hey losers!  My name is Venus, but I will be referred to as "GODDESS" by you freaks!  I ju
Princess Ava
I am not only a "Brat Princess", but also a true "Mean Girl" now.  And yes, I know how hot
Princess Mia
I happen to know that my feet are perfect.  I am usually running camera at our shoots and
Princess Amber
TBH I just want to use slaves for gifts and money.  That is all you losers are good for an
Goddess Draya
While I may be one of the newer Mean Girls, I'm definitely not the easiest to please..   I
Miss Lexi Chase
Look, I am only writing this to get more gifts and more WORSHIPERS.  Because that is what
Princess Alexandria
I am besties with Alpha Allie.  She told me about this place called Mean Girl Manor where
Alpha Allie
Hi I'm Alpha Allie and I am the REAL DEAL.  A blonde Amazon Goddess.  My faves include Fin
Goddess Nyomi
I have always been "dominant" my whole life, so when I heard I could get PAID to be "mean"
Mistress Dandy
My favorite fetishes are footworship, so I can my back and have my feet pampered, and of c
Queen Grace
So I m the only "British Mean Girl" but that just makes me all the more special, doesn't i
Goddess Tina
So "Princess Carmela" turned me on to this.  She's my cousin and when we were catching up
Princess Skylar
Bow down and SERVE me, bitches!  I am Princess Amber's BFF.  When she told me about this s
Princess Gemma
Hi.  I am always being approached about how perfect and cute my little size 6 feet are.  S
Superior Goddess Brooke
I love to be worshipped and treated like the Superior Goddess that I am. My slaves are all
Princess Adriana
Hey slave... wanna get trampled by me? I have a hard time deciding between trampling a sla
Princess Ashley
I'm the Tall blonde next door, haha... oh yea and I have a true sadistic streak. I would r
Goddess Jass
When I came to MGM Mean Girl Manor, I found it was so funny when a slave gets kicked in hi
Ash Hollywood
I love my visits to the Mean Girl Manor! Slaves are so much fun to beat on!
Princess Kendall
I am Princess Kendall and I make fun of shoe-kissing losers that buy me stuff, LOL.   My W
Goddess Nikkole
I'm Goddess Nikkole, Search for my videos!
Goddess Nina
Hey slaves, this German Goddess is here to enslave foot lickers and leg humpers, LOL! Let
Princess Chanel
I'm a blonde Goddess- and I KNOW it!  I plan on totally using my "hotness" to build a nice
Blonde Goddess
Slaves that want to be full degraded often seek me out. I deliver the full package of sadi
Princess Beverly
When my sister (Goddess Rodea) finally told me about this sh*t (and how she was making so
Princess Carmela
Hey losers.  I'm still pretty new to all this but I kinda feel like I was born for it LOL.
Princess Bella
My fav fetish probably footworship.  I love the feeling of a slave's tongue between my toe
Goddess Rodea
I'm totally into financial domination.  Absolutely LOVE it.  It actually turns me ON.  LOL
Princess Cindi
I know I'm hot and I DESERVE to be spoiled for it!  Guys have always bent over backwards f
Goddess Suvana
I am by far the HOTTEST girl any of you losers could EVER worship!  And I DO deserve to be
Goddess Raven
There is nothing more enjoyable to me than taking out all my frustrations out on a worthle
Ok, a little about ME.  (My fav subject!) :)  I LOVE abusing slaves, OBVIOUSLY.  Most impo
Goddess Ivy
Hey I'm Princess Jennifer's older half-sister.  And I am probably the only one that's mean
Princess Mya
I basically just like abusing guys.  In whatever way possible.  Men just piss me off.  So