You Don't Deserve To Have Testicles

You are so pathetic that you don't deserve to even HAVE testicles. I want to completely DESTROY them...literally turn them to "mush"...and then cut them off!

Princess Bella

Going To Gay Camp

Guess what? You're going to gay camp! It's going to be so much fun watching you turn gay for me. Don't worry, I'm going with you. I'm one of the head counselors. I make sure all my slaves come back gay after a long two week indoctrination course on being a fag. I think you will make a lot of friends there, too.

Findom With Feet

I'm so far out of your league. I'd never go for a guy like you. But there's still a way for a loser like you to actually get close to me and maybe even have the chance to lick the dirt off the bottom of my shoes. If you want to be my slave then you need to send me money in the form of amazon gift cards. It's not hard to do. I give you my email address in this clip so even a loser like you can figure out how to do it. It's the only way you'll ever get the chance to worship my shoes and lick the shiny black patent leather in real life.

Doing Homework For My Feet

OMG you are sooo pathetic. I have noticed you staring at my feet in class all semester. You didn\'t think I noticed you STARING at them for like 40 minutes straight every day? Did you think I was slapping my flipflop against the bottom of my foot throughout the entire class absent-mindedly? Um, NO. It was all an intentional plan. I needed to REALLY test you over and over until I knew for sure...that you were a FOOT FREAK that I could USE to do whatever I want- including my homework! Fucking loot loser. And now that you are over at my house to \"tutor\" me, I am going to tell you exactly what you are going to do for me to earn the right just to kiss my FEET... Let\'s just say you are going to be very busy this semester... Princess Bella

Cum To Perfect Feet

Look at my perfect size 7 feet. I am going to give you a REAL treat. You are going to stare at my shoe dangling off the tip of my toe throughout this ENTIRE clip...and I am going to give you "countdown" after "countdown"...but you never know which one will actually make it to "zero"! You have to WAIT, watching my shoe dangle for wait seems like FOREVER...until I say "zero" and my shoe drops! Then, and only THEN will I give you MY permission to cum to my perfect foot! Oh, and I have some special instructions for you in this too, but you will need to watch the clip to find out what it is...

Chastity Makes Good Boys

Your religious conservative mommy just caught you jerking off. She taught you from an early age that masturbation and sexual activity outside of marriage is a sin. It's a filthy immoral habit and she's not going to have it in her house. That's why she going to do to you the same thing she's does to your father. Lock you in a chastity device. You will be a good boy for mommy from now on and mommy will keep the only key until you get married and she hands the key over to your future wife.

Shiny Pants On Bella

I don't say much in this clip. I just basically exploit your fetish for shiny pants- and mind fuck you while I'm at it. Don't be surprised if by the end of this clip you're my slave. Whether you want to be or not. LOL Princess Bella

Shrunken Boyfriend

What are you doing did you really drink that water with that crystal in it? That was a special crystal I got from the new age store. I soak it in water to absorb all my bad thoughts. You're not supposed to drink it, stupid! Now look at you! My negative energy was being absorbed into that water and now you drank it. I really don't know what's going to happen to you now. It looks like you're shrinking. You might shrink into nothing. I must look like a giant to you now.

Serve A Spoiled Princess

I always get what I want. And anything I don't want to do- I just simply don't do it. That's my life- so deal with it. Nobody tells me what to do, and anyone who tries ends up basically as my foot slave. You want to test me? Just try. I'll show you in this clip how I can make you into my personal foot-bitch in no time...

Princess Chanel

Trampling Yo' Face

Walking over a guy in sexy shoes... Trampling is my fav! I get to walk all over men just like I always wanted to. This time you get to see just what it's like. See the heels of all these cute shoes? I love that style! They're just getting smaller and smaller these days. Great time to be a slave isn't it?