Foot-Obsessed Creeper

What are you doing at the foot of my bed staring at my FEET while I sleep?? I can\'t believe I just CAUGHT you doing that, you freak! Watch this video to see what I really think of you staring at my feet while I sleep- and it may not be what you were expecting. You like my feet so much? Well you you are going to get more of them than you can handle from now on... Oh, and this little intrusion of my privacy is going to COST you...watch the clip to find out how much, foot-creeper. Princess Bella

Shiny Pants Control You

When it comes to tight, shiny, black leggings you can't help but stare and become weak! I know your fetish and I'm using it to tease you. I personally love leggings like these too, so I understand why you love them so much. They're so powerful and dominant, so naughty and sexy. The material and the way they look on Me, the way they grab My naughty bits, legs, ass. And the shine on them, too! Everything about these makes you weak. I'm going to make you drool at the mouth and cock as we get you your fix today.

Foot Sub Submissions

So one of you luck losers is going to get the chance of a lifetime. I'm taking applications for a personal slave through my direct email (which I give you in this clip!) and I will pick the lucky loser that I like the best. So watch this clip then write to me and tell me what makes you a good foot slave/ And I'll put you in the running. (Hint, hint: if you send me an Amazon GC it might help your chances a little...)

Princess Chanel

Sick Of My Cast

Custom Clip
"get filmed in cast crutching around sit on chair castfoot up on the other chair,or standing in kitchen with castfoot hanging over crutch, say you wear the cast now 2 weeks or so its smelly, phone bella tell her youre sick of cast, many close ups wiggles toes in cast, but you know important it never touch ground, and arms are straight while crutching"

Orange County Goddess

So you know about the "Orange County Housewives" right?  Those impossibly beautiful women married to super rich guys?  Well I am an Orange County GODDESS.  That's right.  I don't want a rich "husband".  I want a rich SLAVE- several of them, possibly. Do you want to apply to be one of my real life slaves and work 24/7 to provide me with the life I am ENTITLED to because of my superior looks?  Watch this clip to get my personal email and find out how to apply.


My Cash Cow

How do I make the MOST money off of you- by chaining you up helpless in my basement and TORTURING you on a DAILY basis. The worst torture imaginable. There would be nothing "safe, sane, or consensual" here! And I would do it to you over, and over, and over again- and film it ALL for my fans to watch. (and PAY for it, of course!) I have some loser in the UK that wants to apply already, but he's full of sh*tt basically. Anyone else want to apply? It would involve liquefying and turning over ALL your assets first, of course. I mean if you are going to become my "cash cow" and my PROPERTY...I will own everything YOU own! And then MY "cash cows" get BEATEN! Haha.

Give Me My Date Money

Sure you could buy me stuff off my wishlist at random, but wouldn't it be a little more degrading if you bought it specifically to have me go out on a date without you? I would much rather spend time with a real man anyway. You are best to stay at home jerking off as you press enter on my amazon wishlist.

Princess Beverly

Minion Assignment 1

ALL my slaves need to buy this clip. Or even those that are just THINKING about serving ME. NOT because the clip is super "hot" or anything. To be honest, it's not really. (Except for the fact that it has ME in it, of course LOL.) But you still need to buy it because it has some VERY important instructions that I want ALL my slaves to follow in order to deepen your long-term ENSLAVEMENT to ME. This clip will tell you what you need to do in order to heighten your "Princess Bella Experience" while watching ALL of my FUTURE videos. I even priced it extra low so all you losers could afford to buy it! So watch this clip to hear what a great idea I have to increase my control over you and drill my will deeper into your brain with every clip of mine that you watch from now on...then I even want you to report in to me about what it was like watching one of my clips after you follow my instructions in THIS clip. All my true worshippers MUST watch this clip. Princess Bella

Holding Authority Over Your Cock

You only need to pay me a little going in, but you will need to pay me a LOT to get out. That's my whole attitude about putting you in chastity.

The key is just to get that little tribute up front to prove to me that you are SERIOUS about this- and that you have the means to pay me LOL. Then once you are locked up good n tight, I'll just wait till you reeaally want "released"- and then charge you higher and higher tributes to get out of it. It is just SOO much fun for me to watch you willingly suffer at my hands like this! (Ok, well at least in the BEGINNING it was "willingly" LOL!) Eventually you want to cum sooo bad- but I won't let you. Hey look loser,


have the key and


will say when you get out!!!

Now watch this clip to find out how long I would actually contemplate keeping you locked up for- and how much it would cost you! Oh, and for those of you that really want this to happen to YOU- just follow the instructions in the clip! (It has my personal email addy in it!!) ;)

-Superior Goddess Brooke

Jerk Zombie

We are taking over complete control of your cock. But don't worry we like it when you jerk off to us. In fact we want you to jerk off to us even more than you already do. We will put you in a trance that will brainwash you turning you into our mindless jerk zombie. We will take over your thoughts and your mind and soon you won't be able to ever stop stroking.