I Run Your Life

You have no idea what you are doing loser, Its obvious. You need a powerful, arrogant to tell you what to do. Lucky for you, you met me. Now I'm taking charge of your pathetic life. Just listen to me and everything will be OK, LOL.

Take My Fluids - Episode 1

(This is part 1 of a 3 part series)

Any superior goddess fluids are nourishment for lowly male slaves. You can probably figure out which fluid is mentioned in this episode by looking at the preview picture. I have the divine spit that you need and maybe if your privileged enough I will spit and allow you to lick it up off the floor.

Princess Bella

Sissy Certified

Big announcement for you slave! I’ve been keeping count and last night you gave your 100th blow job for me. I pimped you out enough to make you a 100% official sissy whore. How does it feel slut?. And this is only the beginning. Now I can start asking for more money off your ass because you’re such a good cock sucking faggot. I might even buy you a new dress. But it's not going to be anything nice so don’t get your hopes up, bitch.

Pretty In Pink

I look so sexy in my pink stockings. There's just something so powerful, bratty and hot about them. I want you to worship me in them, to enjoy having My silky covered feet in your face, for you to lust over me. You only have a small price to pay: your freedom.

Princess Audit

I know you slaves want to spend as much money as possible on me, but I also know that you're pretty stupid. You don't know how to stick to or even create a budget. Now I am going to go through all of your bills and find out exactly where you're wasting money, that could better be spent on me. Believe me I will make sure every dime is accounted for. Wouldn't want to miss anything that could be going towards your princess. And don't worry I might let you keep some necessities or I might just leave you begging for spare change in streets. Haha.

Princess Bella

Sicko Likes Sisters Butt

Are you staring at my butt again little brother?  I think you need like shock therapy or something. It’s so gross to think about my own brother having a "thing" for my ass. Does Momm and dadd need to talk to you about this? Oh you don’t want them find out, huh? You don’t want them to know about your sick dreams of touching your sister's butt? Well I have you right where I want you and you’re at my mercy then. Listen twerp, you’re going to give me your allowance from now on- just to keep me quiet. If I’m going to have to live with a pervert in the family you better know I’m going to be compensated for it. Oh, and you’re going to have to do my chores too. You can start with my laundry- but if I see you getting off on my panties I’m going to tell on you. It’s going to be our little secret from now on- but you’re going to have to literally be my slave to keep me quiet.

Lingerie Ripoff

So you went out and bought me some sexy lingerie from my wishlist, huh? Thanks a lot, loser. I guess you will probably expect me to send you a lingerie video now, right? Sure I will, but I don't see why I have to be actually wearing the lingerie... (WARNING: IF YOU WATCH THIS CLIP YOU WILL FEEL TOTALLY RIPPED OFF BY ME, SLAVE!)

Princess Bella

Jerk To The Thought Of Buying Me Shoes

what did Princess get today? I have so much on my wishlist for me and my husband I can’t even keep track of what’s coming in next. I get so many presents I’m not sure if these shoes are for me or my husband lol. Oh my, its a gift from my cuck-bitch, he got shoes for my boyfriend how sweet. A slave going around buying gifts for a MAN who I FUCK is so weird, it’s almost gay. He must be just the biggest loser cuckold bitch I have ever met.  Princess CarmelaCategories: Financial Domination, cuckolding, femdom POV, Brat Girl, Goddess worship


Our 2 Year Plan

I’ve been reading up about life insurance and I’ve learned a couple of things. Did you know that if you commit suicide two years after you start a policy the claim is still paid? And on top of that you can name anyone as a beneficiary! This is great news for a loser like you. You just might be worth something to me someday. It would make me so happy if you did something that drastic for me. I mean you have nothing else to live for, so why not make me rich?

Boots Fucking You Up

Do you love me in theses boots slave? I’ve been beating the fuck out of you all day and now I’m going to make you clean all your messes off of them by licking them clean. First I want you to lick all the sweat off the top where I’ve been busting your balls, how do your balls taste bitch Next lick all the off my legs from whipping you Now lick the bottoms from when I was trampling you Theses boot totally fucked you over today now