Anyone Is Better Than You

I need to get ready for a date with a HOT guy- NOT you, obviously. You're a beta. Princesses don't date betas. We just keep you around to use, walk all over, and take money from. And you better fucking accept it if you want to remain in my life! Otherwise, you can easily be discarded and replaced. Now, show your obedience by lowering your head to ankle-level, stare at my feet (which is all you DESERVE to see!) and just STARE while I ignore you and prep myself for a real man.

I do spend some time in this clip just to explain to you point-blank that literally everyone and ANYONE is better than you! That must hurt to hear that from the girl that you worship, huh? Don't care lol.

-Princess Amber

Lusting For Lexi's Feet!

OMG you are like soooo pathetic.  Look at you!  Down at my feet, literally begging like a fool for me.  And not even for "me", really- because you know I am so far outta your league, that's not even possible.  So you are literally begging just for my feet.  Haha!  And you know you aren't even worthy of that!

Look loser, just kneel before me while I sit on my throne and basically ignore you and play on my phone, texting people that I actually like.  And you are so pathetic that you will just kneel there and drool as I dangle my shoe off the tip of my toe, huh?  What happens if my shoe actually falls off?  Can you even handle that??  LOL

Gawd, foot-losers are so fucking pathetic.  Just kneel, drool, and send me a tribute through my twitter, foot freak.

GoddessNO- Legs Of A GODDESS & The Invisible Man (FULL HD)


You are SO fucking lucky...you just had a dream come true- you are INVISIBLE and inside your GODDESS'S apartment. She just came walking through the door after a long day walking around in her stockings and heels and sits on the couch and starts playing with her shoes and feet.

And because you are INVISIBLE, you can crawl right up to her stockinged feet and get as clooose to them as you possibly can without touching her...BUT BE QUIET!! Or she will hear you!!

All you can do is stare at her stockinged feet and get close enough to try to quietly sniff them without her hearing you...

You are SO lucky to be able to just kneel there and stare at the LEGS OF A GODDESS without her knowing...


***you get so close that in HD you can see every stitch in Her stockings!!! You can practically SMELL them...***

After Filming Foot Bitch

You're the lucky foot fan on set after I've just completed my filming of the clip called "1 Hour Leg Loop" and you get to watch me take my shoes off and worship my feet!

<3 Princess Amber <3

Latex Makes You Weak

I already know you get weak in the knees when you see me but I just realized another one of your weaknesses... LATEX! I own you already but after you watch this video of me in my semi see-through red latex... You will be owned for life. From here on out you will do anything and everything I tell you to. LOL! Enjoy bitch!

XoXo Mistress Dandy XoXo

What Every Girl Needs

Everybody wonders how I get so much done in one day and how I accumulate wealth so quickly without really working. The answer is very simple: SLAVES. I take weak men like you -and put them to WORK for me! Everyone has a little job to keep me happy. I have a pizza slave to get me a pizza whenever I need it, a cell phone slave to pay my cell bill, I even have a slave who pays for gas in my car. I find what you are available for and I use you to serve me. Don’t worry loser, I'll have a job for you too...

-Princess Amber

The Ultimate Cruuush

you know you love a good food crushing clip. What makes it better is when you have perfect feet like Mine to do it with. I take an assortment of fruit and squish them to My heart's content. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED: this one really gets intense with the crushing.

Worship My Nylons

I put on this incredibly sexy sheer nylon outfit because I found out your dirty little secret...

You have a nylon fetish...or maybe just a Goddess Platinum Fetish hahahaha.

 But I did it for you because you have been good lately. So show me how much you appreciate me and jerk to me showing off for you.

Step-son Gets Stepped On

None of your step-siblings like me very much, except for you. I married your millionaire dad right before he "checked out" and now I got EVERYTHING- and you and your siblings get nothing HAHA. There is nothing left for your family of losers, and really there is nothing you can do about it. But you (for some unknown reason?) are the only family member to take MY side, I wonder why? Is it my feet? I always cought you staring at them every time I dangled my shoe from the tip of my toe during our family gatherings. Did you seriously help me steal your family fortune just to worship my feet! The feet of your stepmother?? You’re sick in the head but...it’s okay. Here, you have my permission to bow down at my feet and kiss them. Pledge your complete loyalty to me- and my gorgeous FEET. It's the only thing you’re getting from this estate, so you better enjoy it!

It's Hard Having a Hot Boss

This is what happens when I’m your hot boss and I catch you stealing all my sexy blouses...plus you’re slacking on the job!

I tease and humiliate you for over 17 minutes... let’s see if I let you cum!

You better obey me or I’ll make your life hell!