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Parties At The Mean Girl Manor Get Crazy!

As by now you should know loser...that Goddess Platinum has gone and turned things upside down. She wasnt jiving on the old Mean Girl Manor AND there was way too many annoying ass, yelling crib midgets over there...they were fucking everywhere! Like a bunch of wild animals. So like I said...Goddess Platinum decided, because she is the, that we needed a better Mean Girl Manor. And that's just what she did. She went and got a better one. And we fucking. love. it!

So every since we moved into this gorgeous house, oh did I mention it was massive too...hahaha, we've been having last minute quarantine "social distancing approved" ;) parties. Well I guess we should say get togethers given the current state of affairs. We've had a few "events". And they all got really crazy. Like fun crazy for us of course. I think the craziest thing of all about these "events" is that I actually let a very select few slaves be seen at the parties....BUT only the most extremely obedient slaves actually ever make the cut and are allowed to attend. Well more like run and grab us drinks, make us food....and when we are good and frisky at the end of the night this sometimes will happen....


~The Mean Girls~

PS - You will only see this exclusive behind the scenes here on Did you know that you have actually completed the first step to being able to serve the Mean Girls I mean if you were to email us out of the blue we would tell you to join our site first....See how incredibly easy it is to actually be fucking obedient? Have you ever dreamt of having the opportunity to serve the American Mean Girls in the flesh? And maybe even get to inhale some of the same air that we've exhaled out of our perfect bodies. So if you can handle it and you are actually submissive and very obedient and would like a real opportunity to one day serve us...shoot us a message and let us know everything you can do for us.

Painting Loser *BTS*

So Goddess Draya is almost moved in...we are just waiting on this loser to finsh painting her perfect new room. Isn't it awesome! Just wait until we have everything all together. Here's a quick check in on progress...

More Cowbell *BTS*

Here's a little behind the scenes from the clip "More Cowbell".... Check out the full clip HERE

...And we are kicking it with our extremely POINTY-TOED designer heels!  I am wearing my brand new Louboutins that some loser bought me, and Platinum has her pointy-toed Jimmy Choos on!  The slave seems to be in a lot of pain from being kicked with our pointy toed shoes, but we don't really care...this is all about OUR fun!

<3 Princess Amber <3

Useless Slave Boot Licking *BTS*

This pathetic loser flew in from Germany to come serve us...saying it would take ALLLLLLLL the abuse we would give it.

The very first clip we did it bitched out and made up all these excuses. We trampled it in Converse and then put on heels BECAUSE it said we could trample it in spikey heels. 

It IMMEDIATELY turned into a giant pussy and all of a sudden couldn't have any marks because it had to go to a religous retreat the next day.... LOL!

As it was leaving, because we were not wasting another fucking minute with it, it got on its knees and begged to be able to lick my everyday boots clean before it left. Normally I would have said you don't deserve it, but my boots were really freakin dirty LOL! At least it did something useful for me.

Stay tuned for the full clip soon...

-Goddess Platinum

Cucky Claus Preview (Behind The Scenes)

New Feature (BTS)

Here's some behind the scenes (BTS) footage from the upcoming clip "Cucky Claus"

This is members only exclusive footage, only available on Behind the scenes (BTS) will be posted at least once a month, or as often as I feel like LOL. So keep checking back to make sure you can see all our new BTS. There's also a new dropdown so you can access all our BTS.

Enjoy Losers.

-Goddess Platinum