Goddess Venus

Hey losers!  My name is Venus, but I will be referred to as "GODDESS" by you freaks!  I just learned about how I can profit off of abusing you weirdos- and I love it!!  I just took part in my first shoot with the Mean Girls and my favorite part by FAR was just like literally BEATING on some loser and having them like scream out my name and THANK me for it!! HAHA!!  It was fucking GREAT!  I do know what that says about me, but...maybe I'm like a "sadist" or whatever they call it?  IDK...but it was SO much FUN! 

For those that want to serve me, the best way to start is by sending me something of MY WISHLIST FOUND HERE:  GODDESS VENUS WISHLIST  (Don't forget to include a note with your gift and your AMG member name on it so I know who its from!)  I'm gona try to take pix of stuff I get and post it here on the Mean Girl Diary page.

And if anyone wants to get BEATEN by me, just LMK!!