Miss Veronica

Me n Princess Tiff are besties in real life and we LOVE abusing slaves!! We think it is HILARIOUS to abuse some loser and have him fucking THANK us for it!  LOL!  Our fav is ordering them to kneel before us, spread their legs nice n wide and let us kick em as hard as we want right in the NUTS.  I love it.  Slaves are totally great for taking your aggression out on!  And btw I totally want one of my own!  AND I want slave to spoil me too!  Best way to get my attention if you want to PROVE you really want to serve me is to buy a gift for me off my wishlist and send a note with it saying who you are and giving me your contact info!  Here's my wishlist, loser, get to it: Miss Veronica's Wishlist (And if you buy me stuff I will send you a picture of me wearing it!)