Princess Beverly

When my sister (Goddess Rodea) finally told me about this sh*t (and how she was making so much $$$ without working!) I like couldn't believe it!  But I believe it NOW!  LOL.  Who knew you could make a bunch of $$$ by treating losers like SH*T??  HAHA!  I LOVE it!!  I am SO glad she opened me up to femdom when I turned 18!  I wish I like knew about this my whole life.  I kinda feel bad for girls that DON'T know about it LOL.  This is how the world SHOULD be, IMO!! 

Oh, and since I get asked all the time, my fav fetish is tied between financial domination and footfetish.  I fucking LOOOVE having some inferior "beta male" (haha I love that term!) down on the floor groveling at my feet, begging me to rape their wallet or having them worshiping at my soles for as long as I want, while I watch TV or play on my phone or whatev.  Its fucking great to be a PRINCESS!  :)