Princess Carmela

Hey losers.  I'm still pretty new to all this but I kinda feel like I was born for it LOL.  I've always been dominant with my boyfriends and basically walked all over them.  I even kind liked hurting them (whether they wanted me to or not! lol) and so when I heard about this sh*t I was like, "Seriously??  I can get PAID for that?? LOL sign me up!  I wanna be a 'Mean Girl'!"  So I did and I LOVE it!  I even got my real-life BF involved so he can help me REALLY degrade losers by making them serve BOTH of us as a COUPLE!  HAHAHA!!!  It's fucking hilarious that we can go on dates and literally just use losers to pay our tab for us.  And then I can literally spit in their face and kick them in the balls afterward out in the parking lot- and then make out with my REAL man BF while the piece of sh*t that paid for our dinner rolls around on the ground at our feet haha.  Its perfect- and the way we SHOULD live as a young, hot couple!  So here is our wishlist if u want to spoil us and BEG to serve us!! --> WISHLIST

btw do NOT expect any "begging" submissions to serve me (OR my BF!) to be taken seriously unless a gift or tribute is sent FIRST!  (or at least immediately after my first reply!)  I do not have time to be wasted by you losers.  Oh, and my fav fetish so far is by FAR ballbusting!!  Although I do actually like having me feet worshipped and there is also a certain amount of satisfation that comes from caning a slave so severely that you can just feed off its suffering...and make it take more and more- just because I command it to! :)  

-Princess Carmela