Can I Get A Custom Video?

Yes.  But we now ONLY do custom clips for current, paying members of Our site!  So JOIN FIRST if you want to even discuss a custom clip!  We are TIRED of having Our time wasted by idiots that just want to "discuss" their fantasy while they jerk off- only to find out later that they think they can have a 2-hour hardcore video with 10 Mean Girls in it for like $50. 

Speaking of payment, Customs may be paid for via either buying clips on the The Mean Girls Clip Store or via an Amazon Giftcard.  The cost varies based upon the content of the clip.  But Custom clips start in the $300-$500 range for a basic clip with just ONE of us in it!   And yours may be more if you want something really crazy or difficult or requiring props, etc...  Use the contact page to inquire about more details- and provide your username up front so we can look you up.

And sorry if you cannot afford that.  Trust us, it costs us WAY more than that to make a custom clip due to our time, effort, and the fact that a clip that YOU may like- will probably not appeal to others.  (Which is why you are having to request it!  If a bunch of people wanted it, we would have probably already made it LOL.)  You will just need to keep watching the clips WE decide to make for the majority of Our fans if you cannot afford to "direct" your own clip.

Keep in mind that it is a PRIVILEGE to be able to "direct" one of Our clips!  And $300 is actually a small price to pay for that privilege.  Also, we know that many other sites don't even DO custom clips anymore- because quite honestly, most of you waste Our time with endless questions, complain about the cost, or ask for stuff that is just plain impossible to do. 

We are only keeping this custom option open because every once in awhile we get a decent idea from a respectful fan who actually understands that they need to pay for a clip to be made exactly the way THEY want it to be made.  Although we are still thinking about following the route of other sites and just not doing them (customs) anymore at all.  (Keep that in mind before you write to us requesting a 30-minute clip with 6 girls in it doing 10 different fetishes- for $50 LOL)

If you want to order a clip directly without joining Our site or discussing it, you can do so thru Our IWC store: HERE

Oh, and lastly, NO you cannot pick which Mean Girl is in your clip.