Do You Have Download Limits?

"I am having problems after I try to download like a million videos within the first hour of joining Your site- what's going on?"

Ok, here's the deal- NO, We do NOT have a download limit.  However, that does NOT mean that you can be an asshole and try to literally download EVERY clip on Our site within the first 15 minutes of signing up, hogging Our bandwidth and fucking crash Our entire site for everyone else! When you go to an all-u-can-eat buffet do you saddle up to the buffet with a duffel bag and try to shovel the whole buffet it?? Then complain when the restaurant owner says "Hey buddy, leave some food for the rest of the customers".  (???)

You are allowed to download ONE clip at a time!!!  Do NOT USE DOWNLOADING "SOFTWARE"- that is bullshit that pirates do, and it will get you BANNED.  Watch the video you downloaded, and jerkoff to it or whatever. Then download the next one.  DO NOT BE A HOG.  After you download a BUNCH of videos, yes, your download speed may start to slow down a bit.  Why?  PROBABLY BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING A HOG AND TRYING TO DOWNLOAD 1000 VIDEOS ON YOUR 1ST DAY OF MEMBERSHIP.  And guess what?  The next day you will pretend like you "don't recognize that charge" for MMG on your credit card.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN HERE, LOSER. 

You can still download more videos- but TAKE YOUR TIME.  And you can still stream if the download time is starting to take too long.  Wow, you guys seriously act like you "need" 100 clips a day and jerk off 25 times to each of them.  But we all know what you are trying to do- you are trying to download the entire site in 1 day and then cancel your membership.  (NOT cool, btw!)  If you feel that 2000+ videos for like $30 a month isn't a good enough deal, and you want to rip US off- GO ELSEWHERE.

And when you write to us with this complaint- we know who you are.