Do You Offer Sessions? I Don't Want to Be Filmed

"I just wanna do a 'private session' where I control everything and you guys aren't allowed to film any of it."


Um, so you come here and enjoy Our site...because of the VIDEOS that we made WITH SLAVES IN THEM...and without those VIDEOS you wouldn't even know We exist....but yet you only want to get your rocks off in a "private session"- and REFUSE to be filmed for Our profit, even with a mask on???  Um....NO.  Get over yourself, idiot.  If you are not going to contribute to Our filming and therefore the progression and growth of American Mean Girls, We have no interest in your SELFISH, PARANOID ass. 

Your mommy, wifey, and/or your boss is not a member of Our site, nor are they watching Femdom porn in general.  And if they WERE, they are not going to recognize you in a mask, you paranoid freak.  AND....let's just say they did somehow see it and recognized you- what are they going to do??  Tell you about it??  LOL um...."mommy, why were you watching that??"  lol 

AGAIN- get lost if you do not want to truly SERVE and CONTRIBUTE in the way that WE want.