Do You Take Any Other Kind of Payment?

"My credit/debit card got denied.  Do you take paypal or any other kind of payment?"

We do NOT take paypal!  We know the tricks you slaves play with that.  If you absolutely can NOT get a credit card that works, we will take an Amazon Giftcard sent to this address: and you can have a membership added for you manually.

But it will need to be a $100 GC and you will receive a 30-day streaming access only membership.  This increased charge is because it is a pain in the ass for us to do this.  And it is not Our fault that you cannot get a working credit card.  Plus, there is a chance that Verotel may have banned you for a REASON.  (Chargebacks, piracy, etc.)

So take it or leave it, slave.  And do not ask us a bunch of questions about it.  You will be ignored.  Send the GC up front- and you will get your membership.  Simple as that.  If you can't afford it, sorry.  Go get a working credit card like every other member.

We also offer Bitcoin as a payment option.  Bitcoin payments need to be processed manually. Send an email to for details.