Im Having Trouble Paying for a Membership- Help!

"My credit/debit card got denied.  Do you take paypal or any other kind of payment?"

First of all, NO We do NOT take paypal!  We know the tricks you slaves play with that.

We also cannot accept debit cards for those located in the US.  So if you are trying to pay with a debit card and you are located in the US, that is probably why you are having a problem. Now, WHY do we not accept debit cards for people located in the US?  Because they tend to be more likely to be used by minors.  So our credit card processor does not accept them.  Solution?  Well, one solution is to GROW UP and get a CREDIT CARD, loser!!  LOL

But We do have ONE other payment option if you are just SO paranoid about privacy and/or rebills:  BITCOIN

When you sign up for a 90-day membership bitcoin will be offered as a payment option through Coinbase.  (You will see that offered HERE: )

It is a simple process and Coinbase makes it VERY easy to sign up even if you know NOTHING about bitcoin.  You do not need to "have" bitcoin to use it.  They will walk you through the process.  Just click on the link above.)

The absolute last resort is to buy yourself a $100 Amazon electronic Gift Card and copy/paste/send the GC code to:  (Do not send the GC directly to this address.  Send it to yourself, then copy/paste the code into an email to Us.)

Your membership will then need to be manually added to the system, which is a pain.  But it will be done.  You will get a 90 day subscription.  Give it a day or so for one of our minions to get you added.

And if you cannot do any of the above, then we cannot help you further.  Sorry, loser.  You are most likely just wasting Our time and pretending that you "don't know how to use money" because you cheap and/or broke.