Why Is A Deposit Required To Come And Be In Your Videos?

Why do you guys require me to send a deposit to come and be in your videos?

This is required because 90%+ percent of people who write into us about this are lying and intentionally wasting our time. 

We figure that if you cannot afford to send $200 immediately without question or hesitation when told to do so, then you most likely cannot afford the price of a plane ticket to come here and the cost of a couple of nights for a hotel in Vegas either.

Which means that if you cannot (or refuse to) send Us the required deposit, then essentially you are intentionally wasting our time with something that you cannot even afford to do.  And We are trying to set up shoots and make videos here!!!  Our time is COMPLETELY wasted if we set all of this up- and u FLAKE!!!  We need to do everything possible to make sure this does NOT happen!!

Your membership to AMG entitles you to watch Our videos and jerk off to them. It is NOT entitle you to several months of back-and-forth communication with Us while you fantasize about coming here and stroke your cock to something that you have no intention of ever following through with.  And it will get you BANNED.  If you write to Us about coming here and flake it gets you banned from Our site for life.

Deposits are paid via a $200+ clip purchase on Our Clips4sale store found here:  www.clips4sale.com/32364  (This is usually the easiest way to "pay" as most people can do this and it boosts the ranking of Our store too.)  :)

If you pay the deposit, We WILL work you into one of Our upcoming shoots.  And you will receive a free 1yr membership to AMG- which is worth more than $200.  So there is NO excuse not to send it, other than you knowing that you do not intend to really follow through so you know that you would be throwing your $ away.  So by not paying it immediately when told to do so, you are basically TELLING Us up-front that you are a waste of time and PLAN on flaking.