Will You Travel To Me So I Can Be In Your Videos?


Are you fucking serious with this?  And believe it or not this is actually a pretty common question We get.  It usually goes something like this.  "Hi. I live in Alabama (or Poland or Saudi Arabia or whatEVER) and was wondering if you ever come here to film?  Or if you would ever be able to travel to me so I can be in your videos?"

Now seriously- do you seriously fucking think that a bunch of dominant women - fucking GODDESSES and PRINCESSES like US - are going to pack up all Our clothes and travel across the country (or world!) to YOU so that we can deliver your fetish/fantasy to your doorstep so that it is just sooo ultra super easy and convenient for YOU???  (Oh, and at OUR expense too, mind you- because you aren't going to pay for it of course..)

Seriously, what kind of "submissive" male expects to serve a Goddess- but yet he won't even put in the fucking effort of travelling to HER?  OMFG...  Think about it dumdum.  Once again, the answer is NO.  And you will need to send a significant deposit before We plan any shoots around you showing up here either.  (see other FAQs!)  

The ONLY exception to this would be if you paid Us a SHITT-TON of $$$ (and again, at least HALF of it paid ahead of time!) paid for Our airfare plus airfare of anyone We want to bring, send a picture of your photo ID on email ahead of time so We know who we are dealing with and can let someone here know where we are going and who We are seeing, AND pay for Our accommodations!  (We are not staying with YOU, loser- so yes, you will need to pay for Our hotel too!)  Now, if you can afford and are willing to do all THAT, then yes We will come to you.  LOL.

Sometimes you slaves write to Us when all your blood has left your brain and gone straight to your dick.  LOL.