Abusing My Ex-Stepdad

My mom just divorced this old loser and now he is coming crawling to ME, begging me to convince her to take him back.... He comes knocking on the door and I think it's so funny cuz I know he has NO chance, so I decide to REALLY push it just for my own entertainment and I literally make him CRAWL in his old house and kiss my feet. Then I sit on the sofa and puts my bare feet on the table and commands him to kneel at my feet. I then make him beg and kiss the soles of my feet while I completely ignore him and tell him how pathetic he is and how we (me n my mom) have taken all his money and reduced him to tears like this. (How HUMILIATING it must be to have to crawl and BEG like this at the feet of his bratty 18yr old ex-stepdaughterr?? Oh well...) I laugh in his face and take pictures of him kneeling at my feet- but he STILL continues to beg to be taken back even though I am TELLING him to his face that we were just using him and my mom never even cared about him and we mocked him behind his back even when they were together! So finally I just command him to massage my feet with his tongue and lick and kiss my soles and if he does a good enough job MAYBE I will recommend to my mom that we take him back- but just as our slave and nothing more! Hey, at least then he will still be allowed in our life! Selfie time! :)
FEATURING: Empress Jennifer

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