Alpha Loves Humiliating You

Princess Skylar is talking to her alpha about how EASY it is to use betas. These stupid simps are sooo desperate and pathetic that they will do ANYTHING just to be near her. Princess Skylar and her alpha talk about how funny it would be to humiliate a loser together. Skylar feels she hasn’t been spending enough time with Alpha and thinks they should do some fun couples activity… and what’s more fun than degrading a simp together?!

Princess Skylar summons one of her betas into the room where she demands it to kneel before her and alpha. Princess Skylar taunts and teases this loser about what a BIG COCK her alpha has. This scrawny simp is locked in chastity… its dick is too small to please anyone or anything! Skylar's alpha pulls out his MASSIVE cock and makes the simp STARE at what a REAL MAN looks like.

Skylar continues to humiliate and degrade this simp while her alpha strokes his cock and watches it grow even larger! This locked up loser can’t handle the humiliation while Skylar compares his shrinking dick to her alphas thick and large one! Princess Skylar thinks it would be funny to have her beta BEG alpha for it to cum. The poor beta has no idea what alpha will do if and when he decides to finally cum… but knowing Princess Skylar, it will be utterly humiliating! Hahahahahaha

- Princess Amber

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