Amber Sexual Rejected By Princess Amber

This new pathetic loser is soooooo obsessed with me. It has been BEGGING to serve me in ANY capacity despite me treating it like garbage and humiliating it IN FRONT OF MY ALPHA hahahahaha. It’s so hilarious watching it struggle… knowing that this is the BEST THING that will ever happen, and yet at any moment and I could DISPOSE of it! My alpha will be coming over shortly so I decided to make this thing useful and help me get ready.

I’m wearing my red lingerie that alpha loves, but I wanna make sure that my skin is silky smooth. I instruct this slave to apply lotion all over my body. I doubt this thing has EVER touched a female body before so you can only imagine how tight its chastity cage was while it massaged lotion on my legs. Normally I would NEVER let some gross loser touch me, but this one had a tiny cage on its cock so I felt TOTALLY safe lol. I talked about how hot my alpha is and that only a REAL MAN is allowed the privilege of being with me. I literally thought this loser was going to cry (either from the fact that I am SOOOO outta its league or the chastity cage just got too tight… or maybe both LMAO!)

I decided to tease this moron even more…. Letting it kiss up my leg, further and further…. And further . . before pushing its head back down with my foot. Laughing in its face. Over and over, instructing it to kiss up my leg, getting a little further every time, only to REJECT it repeatedly hahahahaha. I don’t care how much this loser suffered, I found it amusing to watch it get more and more frustrated before instructing it to put my skirt back on me (my alpha loves it when I wear this skirt). This loser is lucky tho, it got to hear my alpha please me while it waiting outside the bedroom door lol

- Princess Amber

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