The Answer Is Always "NO!"

(This is a multi-day clip, showing the slave begging Princess Mia on various days when she was at the American Mean Girl Desert Retreat)
Princess Mia has kept this fat, old slave locked up in chastity for almost a month now.  It is desperate for release.  It comes crawling in to remind his Princess that it is "almost Decision Day"!  (The day she said she might let him out of chastity!)  The slave is so excited.  He knows he will need money to have any chance of persuading her, so he crawls in with cash in hand.

Unfortunately, even after handing over ALL of his money that he has earned throughout the month to Princess Mia, she explains that all this money "buys" him is the opportunity to ASK her to unlock him.  But SHE will decide the answer!  And for poor slave johnny...the answer is..."NO!!!"  He has to crawl off with his chastity cage still rattling between his legs...  Mia just laughs and says "maybe next week" if he has enough money!

A week later, Mia's poor chastity slave crawls in, even more desperate to be unlocked!  He pays Mia one $20 bill at a time now, BEGGING her after each one to unlock him...and each time Mia gleefuly laughs in his face and shouting "NO!"   The poor slave is broken and dejected...and he AGAIN crawls off, broke and hornier than ever.  But Mia says if he comes back with even MORE $$$ for her next week, then maaaybe she will say yes!

The next week the slave crawls in and this time he is DESPERATE.  He wants out of chastity SO bad now!  It has been 6 weeks!  He begins giving Princess Mia more and MORE money...but she KEEPS saying "NO!" and laughing in his face!  He is now down to his last $50.  He is hesitiant...he has given SO much money to his Princess over the last couple of months, and all she does is keep him locked up long & longer and laugh in his face...

He decides to "ho for broke" and give her his last $50...and Princess Mia FINALLY says "YES!"  But she has an even crueler surprise in store for her pathetic, fat chastity slave....WATCH THE CLIP TO FIND OUT HOW CRUEL AND UNCARING MIA CAN BE WHEN IT COMES TO LOCKING UP SLAVE'S COCKS!!!

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