Ava's Bathwater Business

(An American Mean Girls exclusive clip)

Young people everywhere are starting their own businesses. Some people sell things like makeup or like cute shoes, but girls KNOW that when they’re HOT… losers will buy ANYTHING from you. That’s why it was SOOO EASY for Princess Ava to make a profit off of her dirty bathwater! 

It’s so great because Princess Ava gets to relax in the bath and take selfies of her PERFECT body. At the same time, losers literally BEG to get a taste of her dirty bathwater. So she like gets PAID to take a bath LOL. But like ANY super hot girl, she’s not gonna do the “dirty work” of bottling it herself. (That’s what slaves are for!) 

As Princess Ava soaks off her dirt and sweat in the tub, the Mean Girl house betas are at her beck and call to serve her in ANY CAPACITY. Obviously like any beta male, they cannot resist their urge to taste Ava’s bathwater and beg her to TAKE THEIR MONEY so they can have a taste. So Ava sells them STRAWS for drinking LOL. Because there is only so much bathwater to sell from this batch, Ava keeps raising her prices until this losers go broke hahahaha. 
Who knew the bathwater industry was so lucrative!

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