Ava's First Night at The Mean Girl Manor Part 2:Foot Worship on A Pedestal

After taking LOTS of selfies in her bed, Ava demands this loser to CARRY her to the throne to make more content. A princess should NEVER have to touch the ground, and this idiot makes sure of it. Not only does it crawl on its hands and knees while carrying Princess Ava, it turns into a stepping stool for her to sit on the throne.

Princess Ava DEMANDS foot worship constantly while she sips her drink and tells this old loser how lucky it is to even kiss her feet. She reminds it that she is a hot 21 year old girl and an old man like him should be grateful even to be in the same room as her- no matter what she uses him for or how badly she treats him. She is simply better than him because she is hot. Everyone wants & worships Ava- and she likes it that way. She knows it is simply what she deserves! Some people are just chosen to be put on a pedestal, worshiped, and served by the "peasants". Ava knows this and explains it to the old man at her feet. She casually exaplains that it is where he belongs- and he is lucky.

She reiterates how pathetic it is and that it has no choice but to do WHATEVER she says. Princess Amber let her borrow this slave and it KNOWS there will be EXTREME PUNISHMENT if it embarrasses Amber in ANY way. (Obviously losers know better than to upset Princess Amber). Even though this foot freak is grateful to be worshiping such perfect feet on a hot girl, it remembers its place when Princess Ava takes a phone call from ONE of her boyfriends.

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