Ball Busting The Usual Suspects

When you have a lot of slaves living under one roof, serving a bunch of hot girls; it is important for them to be locked in chastity. This keeps the slaves super obedient and allows the girls to feel safe from gross unwarranted slave erections. (I mean like, what sort of nasty perv crawls around a house of hot girls without its cock locked up?!?!? EW!) That’s why we have a VERY strict rule in the Manor: All slaves MUST be locked in chastity at all times, unless under strict supervision of their key holder to be let out TEMPORARILY!

These losers are CONSTANTLY being put into smaller and smaller cages, to ensure their cocks are locked and secured, so its VERY rare for them to slip out of their cages somehow. Princess Amber likes to do random chastity checks. This keeps these losers on their toes and prevents them from skipping out since they have NO IDEA when they’re coming. Just like any routine check, Princess Amber calls all the slaves into a line up where she THOROUGHLY checks all the chastity cages on the slaves. One by one Amber goes down the line, yanking on the cages and looking for ANY signs of attempted escape. Despite a slave being in chastity, they are all SUPER NERVOUS when Amber does these chastity checks… they know that even the smallest thing can set Amber off into a frenzy and then you’re just FCKED! (There’s not telling what she might do to you if you set her off)

Princess Amber approaches her last slave, the one that has been in servitude to the Mean Girls the longest. (He has seniority over the other losers and therefore you’d think could be more trust worthy than the others) Unfortunately…. He was being particularly NERVOUS during the chastity check. He tried to get out of his chastity check by claiming he was SHY (he must think we’re fucking stupid) Princess Amber WAS NOT having it and pulls its hands out of the way only to find out that HE WASN’T EVEN IN CHASTITY!!!!!! Princess Amber screams “WE HAVE A SLAVE OUT OF CHASTITY!!!!!!!” And ALL of the Mean Girls (including myself) come running in to give this loser a facing BEAT DOWN! The girls DID NOT hold back, and completely DESTROYED this losers dick and balls! In the midst of this ball busting frenzy, we decide its fate of PERMANENT CHASTITY!

Princess Chanel

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