BallBusting Devotion

Miss Lexi Chase gets bored with the power that her beauty has over simps sometimes. They grovel at her feet and literally WORSHIP her like a goddess CONSTANTLY. It is so easy for her. Sometimes she likes to "challenge" a simp to see how deep its devotion will really go.

One of the best ways to do this is by making it spread its legs and take devastating ballkicks while CONTINUING to profess its love for her- no matter how many times (or how hard) it is kicked in its balls!

Princess Skylar is here to help test this loser's devotion. Miss Chase has the simp on its hands and knees before her throne. It must spread its legs niiice and wiiide while kissing her feet and telling her how much it loves and worships her. Miss Chase just mocks it to its face and tells it that it means literally NOTHING to her. Whenever she "bores" with hearing the slave's groveling, she simply nods toward Princess Skylar, and she delivers a devastating kick to its balls from behind!

How many kicks will this pathetic loser take to prove its devotion to Miss Chase?

Lexi Chase can be so cruel to those that are so obviously beneath her. She relishes in showing off the power that her beauty has over them. The poor simp has no chance as Miss Chase lifts its ugly, massive head with one delicate little finger and looks directly into its can't help but tell her that he is so in love with her, and as Miss Chase laughs in its face and rejects it for the millionth time when....WHAM! Another kick is delivered from behind!

And Miss Chase just LAUGHS as the fool rolls around on the ground in front of her throne...

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