Ballbusting Nightmare

*(This clip is based on a great scene from the show "Loki")*

One of the Mean Girl Manor house slaves suddenly finds himself standing in front of Princess Amber- and she is ANGRY! Recently, he committed the mortal sin of forgetting to turn the microphone on when filming one of Princess Amber's clips- thereby RUINING it! Now he finds himself in a never-ending timeloop with Princess Amber storming into the room, yelling at him, and kicking him HARD in the balls OVER & OVER AGAIN!! It never ends...just when Princess Amber kicks him and walks off...she just walks through the first door AGAIN and kicks her slave in the balls all over again! It is like she doesn't even know that she just kicked him in the balls less than a minute ago!

What is this strange place?? What is going on here?? Is it just a bad dream, fueled by his own guilt over ruining Princess Amber's clip? He tries everything to make it stop. But it is like the poor slave is living in some strange dream world...where his punishment will go on FOREVER....