HAHAHA!!!! I love how bad I can treat slaves- and they still WORSHIP ME!!! :) I left town for Thanksgiving to visit my family and just threw my slave into the closet with nothing but an old shoe of mine and a bowl of water. When I came back home THREE DAYS LATER after Thanksgiving, I even forgot about him in there!

So when I realize he has been stuck in there (LOCKED in just by the power of my WORDS!) I call for him and he comes crawling out to me like the little pathetic bitch that he is. I decide to be kind and feed him some Thanksgiving leftovers since he hasn't eaten in DAYS. LOL.

It's so funny to me how I sat at a nice table and had great food with my family...and this loser was locked in a closet and doesn't even get to TALK to his family- because I won't let him and I don't care! LOL! So now all he gets is lousy leftovers that I don't even heat up for him and he has to eat it off the floor like a DOGG! I even mix in some dogfood into his meal just because it entertains me to treat him like dirt...he endures anything for me because I'm so hot.. :)

Oh, but the best part? I make him eat the food off my FEET! AFTER I squish my sweaty feet all around in his food! LOL! OMG...slaves f*cking WORSHIP me so much...I know something like this is a f*cking TREAT for them! LOL!