Beat it Into Complete Submission

There’s nothing more satisfying than beating a slave into complete submission… But you don’t have to take my word for it, the proof is all over a goddess’s face. The evil grin that illuminates her face after each defeating blow that her slave endures TOTALLY gives it away lol. As the Head Mean Girl, I find that I get JUST as much pleasure watching other hot girls completely destroy a loser… especially when it’s happening at my feet. Princess Alexandria and Nika Venom are not girls to shy away at the opportunity to whip a beta into oblivion. In fact, they’ll do it just for FUN! I’m sitting on my throne (where I belong!) Taking hot pics and videos for my OF.

Geezer is positioned at my feet, literally GROVELING for attention. I explain that I need MORE content to post and make money and therefore, his pathetic body will be used to catch the feirce painful whips! LOL Nika Venom and Princess Alexandria don’t waste ANY TIME whipping this beta loser. He can barely handle the pain, but while he is kneeling BENEATH ME he KNOWS better than to complain. Instead, he THANKS US for the attention...

To make things a little more interesting, I decided to offer $100 to the mean girl that whips geezer the HARDEST! Not that they need the motivation, but what Mean Girl doesn’t love a little competition…. Especially at a beta’s expense hahahah. Nika and Alexandria go back and forth whipping this loser while I continue taking pictures and contenting, occasionally forgetting there’s a competition taking place LOL.

All I really care about is MAKING CONTENT, because the more content I make, the MORE MONEY I get!!!! Since I’m busy taking pictures on my phone, Princess Mia is running the main camera makes sure to let us know how the whip marks look from her view! She even encourages us to whip geezer HARDER! Just so it looks better on camera hahahah. Eventually, there is a winner… and geezer thinks he’s off the hook from getting beat anymore. Unfortunately for him, I just can’t help myself. So I pick up the whip and start MY TURN!

Princess Amber

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