Beta Protection Program

(An American Mean Girls exclusive clip)
This once-alpha male has been given to Princess Amber as part of the "Beta Protection Program".  This is a new initiative from the American government to further encourage "female empowerment" in US society.  Once-proud "alpha" males that have broken the law are given a "second chance" in civilian life and a way to avoid serious jail time.  But the way they do this is by being "given" to a young, spoiled brat girl and doing WHATEVER she says!  (It is for the GOOD of society as a whole!)  Basically, they need to "become a better beta" and serve a young brat girl's every whim and allow her to do WHATEVER she wants to him! to jail you go, loser!  And the "new beta" has a neck shocker that ENSURES compliance...not to mention Amber has 911 on speed dial on her phone to get him taken away for ANY slight disobedience to her commands!  (And that neck shocker will EXPLODE if the "new beta" ever tries to remove it!)

Amber wants this macho asshole to learn to literally GROVEL at her FEET at the snap of her fingers!  And if it passes all its training, she will have the option of either selling it off to another girl at a specified online auction, or keeping it and adding it to her growing stable of "betas" that serve her every whim...  Amber feels like she should have like maybe a dozen or so REALLY obedient betas serving her.  That would be, like, PERFECT.  And its what every hot girl deserves.

But once a new beta is broken in, it can completely avoid jail time and will have a nice, safe life- serving as a BETA to a hot girl like Amber.  It will no longer have a name or any identity of its own, other than just being "beta property" of the girl that owns it.  (But at least it will avoid jail!) 

Watch the video to see how humbling Princess Amber's training is...


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