Beta Strokes with Condom

Princess Amber and Lexi Chase are heading out tonight to meet some hot alphas. They can literally have ANY guy that they want, so it’s important that the condom bowls at the Manor are fully stocked. The girls notice that there is only ONE condom left (obviously that’s a problem if they each bring a guy home). Thankfully this pathetic loser is around so it can buy some more condoms before they get back home tonight.

The girls ask this loser if it had ever even used a condom before?? Hahaha (he was probably lying when he told them he had used one, but only to see what it felt like, Ew!) Amber and Lexi call his bluff and tell him to show them how he puts a condom on lol. The beta had NO IDEA what he was doing, OBVIOUSLY! The Mean Girls taunted him and encouraged the loser to stroke with the condom on… they decided it should rid itself of the beta sperm into the condo to make sure that it NEVER gets used on an actual girl (I mean, I try not to imagine how awful and gross that would be, YUCK!!!!)

Princess Amber asks Lexi if they should just dump the condom down the toilet (the only acceptable place for betas to cum) but Lexi Chase thinks it would be more humiliating to have this loser SWALLOW his own cum hahahaha. Amber suggests putting this loser on an ALL CUM DIET to see if it could get itself pregnant lol. The beta doesn’t have a choice, he HAS to do whatever they tell him to do.

- Princess Mia

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