BMP Beta Male Provider

The fat slave has been away for weeks. One day he just shows up at our door and begs to be reinstated into the Manor. He has been out in the vanilla world trying to make it a life. He fails miserably if that's any big surprise. But now Princess Nika is handling his file and she has some conditions. 

Princess Nika explains to the loser that it will NEVER be good enough to date a hot girl like her and the vanilla world is a waste of time for him as a "BMP". ("Beta Male Provider") These are physically and sexually inferior males that are simply used by hot girls to fund their lifestyle, while they date & fuck hot guys that they actually LIKE. In today's world, thanks to the internet, pretty much every hot girl has at least 1 or 2 hot "Alphas" that they date and fuck on the regular. But they ALSO have at LEAST 3 or 4 "BMPs" that they openly use financially to give them money whenever they want, pay for their dates with their Alphas, fund their shopping trips- and anything else they want.

SO in order to come back, he has to take an assignment no slave wants, the lonely role of the BMP.  This job totally sucks because it is all headache and no pleasure for the slave at all but if he wants back in that's what he has to do. Maybe he can move up in the ranks before his life ends. He must agree to this job and strip down naked and give up all the money he has made after leaving the mean girls. This demotion is going to be hard to work out of. Maybe next time he will think twice before he quits the best thing that ever happened to him, slaving for the mean girls. 

- Princess Amber

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