Bobbing For Chastity Keys

Princess Amber was telling me how she’s had this old slave locked up in chastity since he showed up at the manor. She doesn’t quite remember how long it’s been (but I’m sure it’s been like a SUPER long time! Lol) Amber always HATES when she has to let these dinks out of chastity. I totally agree with her cause like.. EW! But it does keep them on their best behavior if they know there’s a CHANCE that they will be let out. It’s like doing chores (NO HOT GIRL SHOULD HAVE TO DO CHORES!) Instead, we decided to make it fun for us!

Amber and I go into the bathroom before summoning this loser for his chastity release. He had the DUMBEST smile on his face crawling into the bathroom (HE REALLY THOUGHT HE EARNED HIMSELF A CHASTITY RELEASE! HAHAHAH) Princess Amber was sitting on top of the toilet like a throne, holding this idiot’s chastity key with her nail. She dangles it in front of him, taunting this loser about how ONLY SHE has the power of letting him free. I couldn’t help but laugh when she dropped the chastity key into the toilet! Hahahahaha THEN SHE TOLD HIM HE HAS TO BOB IT OUT WITH HIS TEETH! (He apparently has a hard time comprehending ANYTHING because he thought he could use his hands. What an IDIOT)

Amber made sure he kept his beta hands behind his back before shoving his head deep into the toilet. It was hilarious to hear him struggle in the toilet water. Whining how he “can’t” reach the chastity key! Like doesn’t he know that he could just drink ALL the water and then maybe be able to reach the key? What a DUMMY! I decided to sit on his back and push his head even DEEPER into the toilet. Amber had such an evil smile on her face as we heard him coughing up toilet water! Princess Amber got bored with his sad attempts and kneels on his back to encourage him to try harder! If he REALLY wanted out then he could have just fished the key out with his tongue. (I don’t think it’s even that hard. But I guess when you’re pathetic you just SUCK at EVERYTHING! LOL) Princess Amber and I look at each other and you can just tell that we were thinking THE SAME THING. Next thing you know, Amber is FLUSHING the chastity key down the toilet! HAHAHAHAHA (The dink thought it was a prank) but we told him that was the ONLY key!!!! We laughed about it as we walked out of the bathroom, then we spent the rest of the day shopping!

Princess Lexi Chase


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