Brexit Beatdown

So this loser got cocky today and when I COMMANDED it to bow down to me as ITS QUEEN- it actually refused!  Can you believe that?  It started to talk about how it is an "American" and that they "no longer fall under colonial rule" or some blubber!  Well, I am having none of it, and Goddess Platinum helps me BEAT HIM INTO SUBMISSION!  

We had started its beating as soon as we pulled it inside from out in the cold- where Platinum had been storing it overnight.  And let's just say that by the end of the beating, it is BOWING DOWN TO ME PROPERLY!!  To the point that I literally walk up its fat backside like a ramp up the steps!  HA!  All these slaves around here WILL bow down to me when I snap my Royal fingers and command them to!


Queen Grace