Bullied By The Mean Girls

Goddess Harley and Princess Chanel are relaxing in the backyard of Mean Girl Manor using one of the slaves as a footrest. The slave is not even that good at being human furniture which is one of the easiest ways for a slave to serve so the girls are already irritated with the slave. On top of that the slave just called Goddess Harley by the wrong name! That was a big mistake that must be punished. The slave is ordered to stand facing Goddess Harley with Princess Chanel positioned behind him. Goddess Harley and Princess Chanel go back and forth taking turns slapping the slaves face.

They slap the slave full force, as hard as they can, to the point they are hurting their own hands. The slaves face is completely bright red, his ears are ringing, and he looks disorientated. I wouldn’t be surprised if he suffered a concussion from all the hard hits. Goddess Harley says she has been working on improving her pimp hand. She explains the key to a strong pimp hand is to deliver a hard backhand strike using all four knuckles so it hurts a lot more than a regular slap. The goal is to try and give the slave a black eye. This slave can really take a lot of abuse so this is one of the hardest face slapping scenes you will find. 

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