Certified Vanilla

This stupid slave had the audacity to think that it could go to some "weekend seminar" and get "fixed" so that he wasn't so submissive, pathetic, and obedient to hot omen anymore. Apparently they told him that for a certain amount of money they could break him of the fetishes that The Mean Girls use to control and USE him literally like a slave. Whatta fool.

When Princess Amber walks in and he shows her the "certificate" he earned, saying that he is "totally vanilla" now and is NOT a slave and no longer has any fetishes, she just smirks and laughs. "Oh, really? We will see about that..." She openly mocks him.

Then Miss Lexi Chase walks in, just strolling by with one of her old slaves on a leash. She is just strolling through Mean Girl Manor with a man 3 times her age crawling behind her, naked and kept on the end of her leash like it is nothing to her. She truly sees males as "lower life forms" that were meant to be kept on chains as SLAVES for hot girls like her. How DARE this fat old loser thinks it is "not a slave" for them anymore!

Soon Amber has her booted foot casually resting on the lap of the "former slave". Surely it can't hurt for such a "vanilla" man to simply assist her by taking her boot off for her, right?? And maybe just ONE little sniff of the inside of her leather boots after she has been wearing them all day...there couldn't be any harm in that, could there...? That's right, Mr. "Certified Vanilla" with your fancy little "certificate"...inhale that foot smell...and what about Miss Lexi Chase's boots? She seems to have stepping in something...

Slaves are so easy to break. And NOTHING will stop them from relapsing and being the SLAVES THEY WERE BORN TO BE!!!

Princess Amber and Miss Lexi Chase

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