Chastity Bidding

Princess Ashley is going to let a slave out of chastity today but only one slave. Two of her slaves are kneeling before her both trying to convince her that they are the one deserving of a release. Both slaves have been in chastity for months and are so desperate to be let out they bribe, beg, grovel, worship, and suck up to Princess Ashley trying to win her favor. But Princess Ashley almost never lets her slaves out of chastity so all their arguments fall on deaf ears. When the slaves beg about how badly they want to be allowed to cum Princess Ashely replies “What the fuck makes you think I want you to cum?” When the slaves complain about the pain from their chastity device she simply doesn’t care. With their begging for release getting them nowhere the desperate slaves switch to trying to bribe Princess Ashley into letting them out. They promise her cash but it’s not enough to convince Princess Ashley. The slaves start offering to pawn everything they own like their video game collection and Star Wars action figures. One slave will take out loans form the bank that he won’t ever be able to pay back just so he can pay Princess Ashley for his release.

Princess Ashley is so mean in this clip. She has absolutely no pity for her chastity slaves. She looks so superior sitting above the slaves on her throne with the chastity keys hanging from a chain around her neck. As the slaves grovel before her kissing her shoes and sucking on the heels she verbally destroys them telling them how disgusting and pathetic they are. She is one mean blond!