Chastity Talk With Amber And Lexi

Princess Lexi and I have been working hard at helping beta males in need.  From small penises to marital problems, we’ve got the solution!  (And here's a little hint: the solution to almost ALL beta male problems is...CHASTITY!!!)

Today we are broadcasting “All Things Chastity” and allowing the viewers to call in with their issues so we can solve them LIVE on the air!  Chastity is truly life-changing.  Plus its a great business to be in when you’re a hot young girl wanting to make easy money!  (Just keep those keys on your anklet and charge top-dollar to allow access to them for one of your locked-up "clients"!)

It wasn’t long before our phones were ringing off the hook! Who knew so many beta males needed our help?? HAHAHA

Some of our callers were REALLY PATHETIC, but we made sure to keep it professional…. We would never discriminate against some loser who’s wife is cheating on him…. Nor would we turn down a goddess who wants her sub TOTALLY emasculated and under her COMPLETE control!  Thankfully, we know what works… we ARE experts after all! If you’re a beta male and have a dick, Lexi and I can provide you with inside knowledge on how to cage your cock for good.  (AND NO, YOU DUMMY, THE KEYS DO NOT COME WITH THE CHASTITY THAT WE PROVIDE! That costs WAAAY EXTRA, and is ONLY available under OUR supervision!)

There is no need to be so hesitant on these life changing decisions.  Just do what we tell you so we all can all be happier!