Cocksucking Competition

Here at the Mean Girl Manor, we’re always coming up with fun and entertaining activities for our own personal amusement. This means, using slaves HOWEVER we want! LOL. One of our favorite things to do is pit slaves against each other in some sort of competition. Something that is SUPER FUN for us (& makes us content) and humiliating for the slave. This time Princess Skylar, Princess Alexandria and I thought it would be HILARIOUS to make our slaves have a cock sucking competition! Not only do we find this amusing, but we often like to out source our slaves for extra money. And what better way to prep them for the real thing than with a graded competition! HAHAHA Princess Skylar wore a strap on for Strawberry to suck (average sized) while Princess Alexandria brought a massive dildo for her bitch to practice oral on. Since I’m the Head Mean Girl, I thought it was only fair that I judged the competition.

Ohhhhh did I forget to mention that the LOSER gets PEGGED??? HAHAHAHA that REALLY motivated these bimbo sluts! Each girl gagged their slave with the cocks, making their eyes water! As the judge, I made sure to grade these sluts on various techniques: Eye contact, Back Arch, Ball licking, & how much cock they could fit in their mouths! Princess Alexandria’s slave had such a tiny mouth that it struggled to fit that massive dildo in its mouth. But she didn’t hold back when thrusting that cock down its throat! Meanwhile, Princess Skylar was SUPER aggressive and repeatedly pulled Strawberry’s head to the balls! Hahah (She REALLY hates losing & is willing to win at the cost of a slave LOL) I watched carefully to make sure NEITHER slave was cheating and using their teeth, but it all came down to the enthusiasm of the slave. There was a clear winner by the end, but that didn’t bother any of the Mean Girls: pegging is JUST as fun as WINNING HAHAHAHA

-Princess Amber

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