Cuck The Foot Bitch

I had a brand new slave BEGGING just to be in my life. I am hardly ever impressed, so his promise to “leave his wife to serve Me" didn’t really mean that much to me. After inviting him over to Mean Girl Manor to "try him out", I have this loser worshiping my feet while I relax on her bed.  Evenually I decide to call my ALPHA BOYFRIEND so that we can both have a laugh at how pathetic this stupid "foot beta" is. I tell my boyfriend all about how this loser showed up at the Manor on its fucking KNEES just BEGGING and  PLEADING to serve Me! I even tell my bull how this loser sent me all his money and is even promising to leave his wife just to prove his devotion to Me!

My Alpha boyfriend just laughs at what a fucking freak these foot-losers are and encourages me to take EVEN MORE from him! (My Alpha always loves to see me take advantage of the betas that beg for my feet.)  You can even see the discomfort on this foot-loser’s face as it is listens to me talk to my boyfriend and how we are both just openly LAUGHING at how PATHETIC he is! I don't care if the foot-loser can hear me and my boyfriend laughing and mocking it.  Hell, I have my BF on SPEAKER for a REASON! LOL

Me n my bull had sooo much fun laughing about how stupid all these foot weirdos and betas are until my man said he had to cut the phonecall short to go beat up one of my other slaves that I let him borrow because it didn't cleaning his truck properly.

But he told me to be ready for him once he’s done at the gym later on tonight...he knows I always get so  excited at the thought of his hot Alpha body and strong arms after a workout...Mmm!  Oops!  I got so into my call with my Alpha that I COMPLETELY FORGOT about this stupid beta cuck worshiping my feet!  LMAO


Princess Amber

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