Cucky Cums in a Cup

***Featuring: Miss Lexi Chase***

My poor cuck slave. I treat it like SO bad. And my boyfriend treats it even WORSE because he doesn't really want me having slaves unless we can both treat them like absolute GARBAGE and make like a TON of $$$ off of them as a couple. LOL. And the funniest part? This slave isn't even gay or anything and doesn't WANT to serve my BF. But guess what? I don't care. And it is like SOOOoooo desperate to be in my life that it will do ANYTHING for me. So that means that it WILL serve me AND my boyfriend as a couple- and it WILL do whatever EITHER of us say!!

So I come home from spending time with my Man, and there is my cuck, waiting for me with its face pressed to the floor, right where I left it hours ago. I use the back of its stupid head as a footstool while I tell it how I have been off fucking my boyfriend and that we "need to have a talk" now. And my slave knows what that means... Because it knows that my BF hates that I have a real-life slave. So my boyfriend is always demanding more out of my slave if it wants to stay in my life. And the funniest part? This freak is SO obsessed with my PERFECT LITTLE SIZE 5 FEET that it will do ANYTHING for them! So me n my boyfriend just LAUGH about how bad we can destroy this loser! How much money we can TAKE from it! And the stakes are about to get higher....

We are already taking like its entire paycheck to pay all our bills and go out on expensive dates as a couple. But my BF thinks we can get MORE out of this stupid cuck. I dangle my Louboutin off the tip of my toe under the reluctant cuck's nose...and I can tell right away that my BF was RiGHT! LOL this cuck is SO stupid. It will go into debt just to fund a lavish lifestyle for me AND my man! Even though we both treat it like DIRT!

Like, I tell the stupid cuck (me n my Alpha both call him "Dum Dum") right to its face about how me n my man LAUGH about how stupid he is how we are just going to use him and run him into the ground for our entertainment and profit. I even tell "Dum Dum" how it actually TURNS ME N MY ALPHA ON to take advantage of him! Haha! Like we seriously treat this stupid cuck like dirt then go FUCK like rabbits in the bedroom while we laugh about the aweful things we have done to Cucky Dum Dum.

I make Cucky Dum Dum kneel before me, gazing up at MY beauty, and START STROKING while I list out all of the new demands that me n my boyfriend are going to require of him from now on!! And it is HARSH!! My boyfriend says that from now on, he not only wants this bitch working for us, but it needs to start PAYING MORE just for the privilege of working for us!! Like we are seriously going to start CHARGING it by the hour to work for us! And we are going to start adding all kinds of financial penalties and fees for the privilege of me still keeping it around. (You need to watch the video to see how bad it is going to be for cucky! Like for the slightest infraction it will pay us HUNDREDS of dollars!) Oh, and we want an all-expense paid first-class vacation for me n Alpha to Hawaii too!!

But we are already taking all its money, so you know what that means! It needs to get a SECOND job AND open up some new credit cards for us to max out! Poor cucky Dum Dum is SO broken and scared...but it agrees! Why? Because it is stupid AND because it is the ONLY way I will let t have permission to cum now! LOL

After it agrees to EVERYTHING I have demanded, I finally let it cum like a pathetic fool into a teacup I place on the floor at my feet.

But aw, after emptying its balls into the cup, poor cucky starts to have second thoughts about all this debt it has agreed to take on- just to support a hot, bratty couple that treats it like absolute dirt? Well, I have a choice for "Cucky Dum Dum" to I hold a cup full o cum in front of its face...I MIGHT let it out of its financial obligations...but it will need to DRINK THAT CUP O' CUM! HAHAHA. you think I would be SOoo mean to "Cucky Dum Dum" that I would trick it into drinking its own cum and then STILL hold it to all me n my boyfriend's financial demands and just laugh in its face about it?? will just need to watch the clip, loser!

(This is a GREAT clip, and all you wannabe cuck losers need to watch to see the crazy, humiliating stuff I make Dum Dum agree to just to stay in my life!! It is seriously sooo stupid and my BF really does hate him! LOL!)

Miss Lexi Chase


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