Degrading Dinner Ritual

Empress Jennifer enters Her Throne Room, and a collared/ball-gagged slave is in its cage waiting for her. You open it & he crawls out. You kick his balls a few times for fun, give him some face slaps and then spit right into his face. You take out the ballgag and the slave kisses your boots and licks the soles. Then you spit on the floor a couple of times and purposely step on it for him to lick off the sole of your boot. Next is feeding time. You take baby food & mix it in a bowl and spit heavily into it. Now you dump it onto the floor and make traces with the food on the floor with your boots for the slave to lick up. During the feeding, you snap your fingers a couple of times. At every 1st snip the slave must stop eating, you spit into his mouth & slap his face. At the 2nd snap, he continues to lick the food off the floor & you put your boot on his head till the food is all eaten. Then you lead him on the leash back into his cage. Slave-feeding time at Mean Girl Manor is over!