Dinnertime Abuse

A male slave is kneeling in a corner, collared, blindfolded, and gagged. It hasn't eaten in so long. Empress Jennifer has been starving it because it is so fat. But now Empress Jennifer will prepare the slave a pre-chewed meal that will include her "divine Empress spit".

Several types of food are available (i.e. chocolate candies, bananas, yoghurt etc.). You start to chew the foods one by one and spit the chewed food into a bowl. You go to the slave, spitting in his face, slapping his face and kicking his balls. You bind his hands together behind his back.

You remove the gag and the blindfold and put the slave on a leash. You spit into the bowl and forcibly spoon-feed the slave. When half of the bowl has been fed to the slave you dump the bowl on the floor and order the slave to crawl to the pile, with your boot on the slaves head you force the slave to lick it up completely. During the entire video you are verbally insulting & abusing the slave.